Tomato Harvest Ideas & Hacks

Dehydrator Recipes & Procedures for Preserving Tomatoes Tomatoes Start with How-to: Dehydrating Tomatoes. You can dry dices, slices, and small tomato halves and quarter. You can purée (or mash) tomatoes to make tomato leather as well. Slice tomatoes any flavor with your favorite seasonings to make tomato chips as delicious snacks…. Read more“Tomato Harvest Ideas & Hacks”

All Things Dehydrating!

Your Questions Answered Over 50 Reference Articles For the second year, dehydrating has hit the big times as one of the “Top 10 Food Trends to Know in 2017”. Food dehydration is one of the most relevant and challenging ways to preserve food and dates back centuries. With the advent of… Read more“All Things Dehydrating!”

Check Out Our New Videos!

Please Share with Others to Spread the Word These were gifted to us by Mindy Spritequeen Jacobsen, Videographer. We are in her debt for these wonderful gems! 10 Reasons to visit 21st Century Simple Living: Learn to be Self-Sufficient! Mindy Spritequeen Jacobsen, you have our gratitude for your creativeness,… Read more“Check Out Our New Videos!”

Roasting/Grilling Guide—80 Fruits and Vegetables

Roasting or Grilling for Intense Flavors—Great Before Dehydrating! Roasting or grilling is a great way to prepare fruits and vegetables. The flavors often lost to peeling, chopping, seeding and so on are instead mingled under the heat to add to the flavor and sweetness. With foods you may be dehydrating,… Read more“Roasting/Grilling Guide—80 Fruits and Vegetables”

How-to: Dehydrating Tomatoes

Dehydrating Tomatoes Is Easy with a Few Tips All types of tomatoes can be dried—from tiny grape tomatoes to large beefsteak tomatoes. I think drying is the best way to keep juicy cherry tomatoes and large slicing tomatoes that never found their way to a sandwich. These high-moisture tomatoes make… Read more“How-to: Dehydrating Tomatoes”

Instant Applesauce (Both Plain and Flavored)

Using Dried Apples, Save TONS of Money and Make Your Own in Minutes Do you know how to make applesauce from dried apples? This is so easy your kids can do it! Ingredients: 1 cup dried apples 1 cup boiling water Directions Combine apples and boiling water in a large… Read more“Instant Applesauce (Both Plain and Flavored)”

Dried Fruit Strawberry Jam

Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated for Canning Have you ever stood in the middle of you kitchen in the height of winter wishing you could make and preserve some strawberry jam? Well, now you can! By simply dehydrating and storing strawberries in the peak season, you can keep them year round. There… Read more“Dried Fruit Strawberry Jam”

Fast, Easy Dried Beans with Instant Pot

No Pre-Soaking Required—For Dinner, Freezing or Dehydrating to Make “Instant” Beans I am so excited about sharing this new process with you! One of the big challenges for me in cooking dried beans is the pre-soaking. I always forget to do this step before I need to cook for a… Read more“Fast, Easy Dried Beans with Instant Pot”

Make Instant Dehydrated Pasta

Instant Pasta On-the-Go for Quick Meals Pasta is a great base for healthy, nutritious and satisfying backpacking or on-the-go meals. It provides our body with glucose—the “fuel”, to power muscles and brain. As a complex carbohydrates, pasta digested more slowly that ensures a steady release of energy to keep you… Read more“Make Instant Dehydrated Pasta”

What CAN You Dehydrate at Home?

For the HOME dehydrator, there are many options available in foods you can dehydrate. Although you can dehydrate just about anything, shelf stability and SAFETY are key to deciding what I will put my work and time into. After much research and experimenting, I have found that I am most successful… Read more“What CAN You Dehydrate at Home?”