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Zero-Waste Quick Tips

Throwing away foods because they have become stale is one of my pet peeves. However, I live in a high humidity area and this is a frequent occurrence at Casa Colleen. Again, my dehydrator saves the day!

Snack foods including cereal, chips, popcorn, and crackers are revived in my home by simply putting them in the dehydrator. Cheerios and tortilla chips both refresh to their former glory of crunch, and I couldn’t tell the difference between them and their non-stale counterparts. This also dramatically improved the texture of the stale crackers.  Just last week I saved over $20 refreshing some snack foods!

Note: This does not work for snack foods that are high in oils, fats, or butter (like buttered popcorn).

And did you know you can re-purpose those pieces of bread, bagels, rolls, muffins, cakes, etc.
into delicious foods to use in cooking and snacking?

Yes, you can even revamp stale bread into breadcrumbs and croutons. Or take stale quick breads, muffins, cupcakes, and cakes and make a wonderful biscotti-like snack food! To learn how to save stale breads and baked goods as well in the section, “Zero Waste—Dehydrate Stale Baked Goods”.

At Casa Colleen we have an abundance of bread slices and ends sitting in bags piling up in the bread drawer and the freezer. Everything — from my homemade bread and rolls to bagels and baked goods like cupcakes, muffins, and banana bread — goes into the dehydrator when it becomes stale.

Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Zero Waste—Dehydrate Stale Baked Goods & Snacks
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Publication date:  September 9, 2017
First Edition
12 pages
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