What is a Homemade DIY Convenience Food?

What they are and why you should make them

Convenience Food is anything that comes in a box, bag, pouch or container of some kind at the grocery store. Baking mixes, cake mixes, flavored rice & pasta side dishes, seasoning & flavoring packets, herb & spice blends, condiments, hamburger/chicken/tuna helper dinners, and more are all considered “convenience foods”. It is what my generation has lived from and that now covers 95% of the floor of a grocery store.

  • Save Money. One of the best ways to save money is to make your own groceries. Stop paying for fancy packaging and marketing campaigns.
  • Healthier food can be had when you make your own convenience mixes. No preservatives, artificial flavorings, chemicals, or ingredients you cannot pronounce.
  • Special Dietary Needs. Tailor your foods to fit your special health needs instead of paying a premium for it at the health food store.
  • Use common foods you already have in your cabinets to make delicious and nutritious foods for your family, changing the recipes to suit your tastes.

My MREs03Veggies


Not only are these great replacements for the pantry, but if you dehydrate or use dried foods, you can make Meals in a Jar/Pouch too. These meals are perfect for:

  • Campers.
  • Backpackers,
  • Travelers in RV’s or Business travelers staying in hotel rooms.
  • College students in dorm rooms.
  • Preppers for long-term meal storage,
  • Homesteaders who wish to store foods,
  • Apartment dwellers with limited space,
  • Busy cooks who can put a quick, tasty meal together for the family.

Reduce your grocery bill and take back your choices about the food you eat because unfortunately, “We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons!”

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