Use Condiments to Make Your Meals Great!

The Queen of All Foods is Your Key to Culinary Greatness

While we all may speak different languages, live different lifestyles, and have different customs, there is one thing in all the places that I have visited that brings people together—FOOD. How we eat it, what we eat, and most of all how we flavor it—with condiments—brings together a thoroughly human experience that has made me the consummate foodie I am today.


So What Is a Condiment & How Do I Use It to Make My Meals Great?

The variety of these meals I have consumed—from my Deep South roots to faraway places like India and Australia—all have one thing in common; meals prepared with a protein, a carbohydrate, local fruits and vegetables, and a flavorful condiment or two or three. While a protein like beans, chicken, beef, pork, fish, seafood, or even kangaroo to name a few—and the carbohydrates, like rice, pasta, potatoes, or some other starchy vegetable or grain—may seem fairly common in these dishes, there the familiar taste ends. Condiments, those sauces, spices, or flavorings added to impart regional flavor, enhance flavor, or in most cultures, to complement the dish, reigns supreme to this Foodie-loving soul.

Because I can take a local chicken and a handful of noodles and make a different meal for each day of the week, my friends have dubbed me “The Condiment Queen”. My love of cuisines from around the world has taught me that no matter how much your food budget is, it NEVER has to be boring!

That is why I have decided to share all of ways you can make meals sing in your own kitchens with just a handful of ingredients you may already use every day. There are literally thousands of condiments at your disposal that you can use to flavor and enhance your meals. We want to share them with you.

Salad Dressings

Our Series on Homemade Salad Dressings is up now and ongoing recipes will be added. Watch for your favorites! What makes salad dressing so wonderful is their versatility. From marinades for meat and vegetable/fruits to dips to sandwich spreads, these condiment gems can do more than just make your salad taste great!

So ditch the bottled stuff and join us for our easy homemade recipes. Making salad dressing from scratch is nearly as fast and easy as shaking up a bottle, and the taste is phenomenally better than even the most “gourmet” jar of blue cheese dressing. Homemade dressings are reason alone to eat a salad tonight!


While the French may be the select purveyor of “the 5 original sauce” categories, people from around the world have built upon these categories and surpassed our wildest dreams of flavoring foods.

From the all-American ketchup and barbecue sauces to the great French and Roman Mustards to the Asian fish sauces, wasabi, tahini, and sweet-n-sour to the curry dishes of India and Africa, we have literally thousands to choose from. Stay tuned as we build up our category of Sauces to include some of our all-time favorites from worldwide cuisines!

Herb/Spice Blends

For centuries, indigenous peoples have foraged from their local forests, deserts, and mountains the local “weeds” growing all around them to heal, keep up health, and flavor their foods. In modern times through the worldwide use of transportation, we no longer have to depend on journeys like the Silk Road to have all these flavors at our fingertips. They are ours with a bit of shopping online or in our bulk bin stores—dried or with seeds allowing us to grow fresh! 21st Century Simple Living has maintained recipes from around the world in our category Herb/Spice Blends and will be adding more.

Seasoning Mixes

Seasoning Blends are those mixes that do not fall under a specific category and are mostly dry mixes you can add to your cooking, like “Shake ‘n Bake” Chicken Coating Mix or Onion or Mushroom Soup & Dip DRY Mixes or Popcorn Seasoning Blends. These are usually a combination of herbs, spices, thickeners, sweeteners, and dried goods like dehydrated onions and tomato powder or other powders. We will be adding to this category as well so check out our Seasoning Blends Category for some of your favorite mixes!

Miscellaneous Condiments

This is the catch-all category for foods like vinegar, flavored oils, flavored syrups,  extracts, jellies and jams, relishes, and salsas. For instance, while vinegar might seem like an unlikely candidate, it works magic—on fries, potato chips, fish, meats and even vegetables. Like mustard, it’s the base of many other condiments and sauces, and eaten alone, it will sharpen your food to a new level. With so many kinds of vinegar, you can pretty much use it on anything.


Come learn how to flavor your world!

We will be adding these kinds of condiments as well using methods such as dehydrating, canning, and easy ways to cook up fresh foods. Come join us to save money, cut out the middleman, and cook flavorful, healthy meals for your family and friends that are ever-changing and delicious!

We welcome any suggestions to our condiment list you would like to see.
Please feel free to comment below.

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