Condensed Cream Soups Dry Pantry or Travel Packs

Easy Dry Soup Mixes for Pantry Storage or On-the-Go With your new pantry staple, SOS Master Mix, today we will show you how to make 21 different condensed dry soups, just as you would find on your grocery shelves with already familiar brands like Knorr®, Bear Creek Country Kitchens®, and Lipton®. We… Read more“Condensed Cream Soups Dry Pantry or Travel Packs”

21 Creamy Condensed Soups to Replace the “Red Cans”

From Cheese Soup to Cream of Shrimp, Now You Can Make Your Own! With your new pantry staple, SOS Master Mix, today we will show you how to make 21 different condensed cream soups, just as you would find on your grocery shelves. These all use common ingredients with readily… Read more“21 Creamy Condensed Soups to Replace the “Red Cans””

Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend

Learn the Shortcuts to Making FAST Meals As I sit here reading the newest list of manufacturer’s food recalls, the absolute certainty I was correct in staying with simple, unprocessed and locally sourced foods eases my mind. Do I succeed 100% of the time? No. But the more I see these recalls growing… Read more“Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend”

Over the Top! Hacks for Sauces & More

Enjoy Topping Your Food With Some of These Saucy Flavors! What takes a meal from being blah to great? Sauces, dressings, dips, spreads, gravies, and syrups—anything you can pour over your foods to add flavor, seasoning, and variety. Change up broccoli with a cheese sauce. Add country gravy to your breakfast… Read more“Over the Top! Hacks for Sauces & More”

EASY Instant Soups (Soup-to-Go)

Make your own Soup-to-Go, gluten-free and vegetarian. Yesterday my friend Andrea reminded me of these instant soups that I make for quick lunches. It is so simple to create your own dried instant soup mix from dehydrated vegetable powders. Make your own Soup-to-Go with these recipes that are gluten-free and vegetarian. NOTE:… Read more“EASY Instant Soups (Soup-to-Go)”

Cream of Asparagus Soup (with Dehydrated Pantry Pack Variation)

~~~Both Traditional Quick Recipe and “Instant” Soup Variations featuring Asparagus Powder~~~ I am an “Asparagus Snob”. I blame my grandfather, who loved asparagus so much the he grew 10 rows of it in his garden. But only the first 3 inches or so of each stalk were ever eaten by his… Read more“Cream of Asparagus Soup (with Dehydrated Pantry Pack Variation)”

SOS Mix FAQ’s & Recipe Round Up

We have offered a number of great recipes in the last few weeks to help you cook from scratch with HOMEMADE convenience foods. What is a convenience food? Here is the definition. And hopefully we have convinced you that even one mix—like SOS Mix—can serve your kitchen in many ways!… Read more“SOS Mix FAQ’s & Recipe Round Up”

“Helper” Hacks—5 Meal-in-a-Jar Healthy Alternatives

~~~Including Full Instructions for Pantry Packs using Dehydrated Foods~~~ Today we are going to make one-pot meals — Tuna Noodle Skillet, Skillet Hamburger Stroganoff, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Skillet, Taco Bar Skillet, and Mexican Chicken & Rice. I designed these meals to replace the famous Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken ready meals found in the grocery… Read more““Helper” Hacks—5 Meal-in-a-Jar Healthy Alternatives”

5 Sauces from SOS Mix (Gluten-Free)

~~~Better than Store-Bought, Gluten-Free, and EASY!~~~ These recipes are simple to make and can replace all those sauce packets and jars you have in your pantry now.  You’ll save money, control ingredients, and avoid expensive “fast foods” when you start making your own favorite convenience foods. White sauces are an… Read more“5 Sauces from SOS Mix (Gluten-Free)”

3 Gravies Made From SOS Mix (Gluten-Free)

Here in the Southern United States, we love our gravies. My grandmother was fond of saying, “You can lay claim to any dish being Southern as long as it is smothered in gravy!” We have milk gravy, tomato gravy, and even chocolate gravy. My SOS Mix is wonderful for making… Read more“3 Gravies Made From SOS Mix (Gluten-Free)”