“Instant” Oatmeal Packets–30 Flavors

Photo Credit: Andrea Frayser Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal Packets—Inexpensive, Easy, and Versatile Updated May 1, 2017 with Vegan/Lactose-free options and 10 new flavors added! It is so easy to make your own oatmeal packets just like you find in the stores with as many flavors as you can think… Read more““Instant” Oatmeal Packets–30 Flavors”

5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods

Just 5 EASY steps to unprocessed, chemical-and-preservative-free, pronounceable ingredient freedom for MUCH less cost. When you compare boxed baking mixes vs. homemade baking mixes, you will see that you are paying almost 40% more money for the convenience. And the time involved? Well, follow me for a moment in this… Read more“5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods”

What is a Homemade DIY Convenience Food?

What they are and why you should make them Convenience Food is anything that comes in a box, bag, pouch or container of some kind at the grocery store. Baking mixes, cake mixes, flavored rice & pasta side dishes, seasoning & flavoring packets, herb & spice blends, condiments, hamburger/chicken/tuna helper dinners, and more are all… Read more“What is a Homemade DIY Convenience Food?”

Dehydrating with a Purpose—What To Do with All That Food!

Learning to Cook with Dehydrated Foods The other day I was speaking with a friend, a very smart lady to be sure, who told me that she feels there is a disconnect when it comes to USING dehydrated foods. (Thank you Mandy, for your insights.) People just simply don’t know what to… Read more“Dehydrating with a Purpose—What To Do with All That Food!”

Equipment Labor-Savers for Dehydrating

~Make your dehydrating easier with these handy tools!~ In addition to your dehydrator think about getting some of these tools to make dehydrating easier. NOTE: The following information in this article contains affiliate links. 21st Century Simple Living is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to… Read more“Equipment Labor-Savers for Dehydrating”

How-to: Dried Banana Chips

My friend, Jeannie Palmer, makes some of the most  beautiful banana chips I have ever seen. So I asked her if I could share the procedure with you and she has kindly consented to do just that. NOTE: Because of variable drying conditions, your chips may not take this length of… Read more“How-to: Dried Banana Chips”

A Taste of the Summer Sun, “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes

~Make your Own Dried Tomatoes with a Dehydrator or Oven~ These are not really sun-dried tomatoes, but tomatoes that are dried in your dehydrator or oven to emulate sun-dried tomatoes you may buy in the stores. You don’t really need the sun to dry them. Just a note here on… Read more“A Taste of the Summer Sun, “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes”

June 2016 Articles Round-up

June has been a busy month. Gardeners gardening, folks attending the farmer’s markets in droves to get that fresh picked goodness, canners firing up their pots, and dehydrators buzzing along with the smells of all that freshness. Learn to make your own convenience food, herb-spice blends, flavored coffees, and more…. Read more“June 2016 Articles Round-up”

Make Natural Decaffeinated “Black” Teas

~The Flavor of Black Tea without the Caffeine plus 5 Recipes for your Favorite Tea Blends~ Have you been told to cut back on caffeine? Or maybe you would just like to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea before bedtime without ending up wired for sound? Well, NOW you… Read more“Make Natural Decaffeinated “Black” Teas”

Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!

39 Soup Mix Recipes to Feed your Family Soups are one of the most popular Convenience Foods on the market. Chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, and cream of mushroom soup are among the top 10 food items sold in grocery stores each week. But they are full of sodium, preservatives,… Read more“Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!”