Meals in a Jar/Pouch & Dry Mixes

Beans Potatoes Artichoke Hummus Baked Potato Soup (Bacon & Potato) Dry Soup Mix Avocado Hummus Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant) Hummus Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes Basic Hummus Recipe Fried Potatoes (Home Fries)  Bean Soup-to-Go Scalloped Potatoes Dry Mix Black Bean Tortillas Dry Mix Rice Creamy Yogurt Hummus Beef Rice-a-Celli… Read more“Meals in a Jar/Pouch & Dry Mixes”

Master Convenience Mixes

Basic Liquid Coffee Creamer Basic Powdered Coffee Creamer Cookies Master Mix French Crepes Master Batch GLUTEN-FREE Flour Blend for Baking Instant Hummus Master Mix Master Baking Mix (like Bisquick) Master Cake Mix Master Dry Mix for Cornbread (like Jiffy Cornbread) Master Instant Oatmeal Mix Master Instant Pudding Mix Soup & Sauce (SOS)… Read more“Master Convenience Mixes”

Condensed Cream Soups Dry Pantry or Travel Packs

Easy Dry Soup Mixes for Pantry Storage or On-the-Go With your new pantry staple, SOS Master Mix, today we will show you how to make 21 different condensed dry soups, just as you would find on your grocery shelves with already familiar brands like Knorr®, Bear Creek Country Kitchens®, and Lipton®. We… Read more“Condensed Cream Soups Dry Pantry or Travel Packs”

21 Creamy Condensed Soups to Replace the “Red Cans”

From Cheese Soup to Cream of Shrimp, Now You Can Make Your Own! With your new pantry staple, SOS Master Mix, today we will show you how to make 21 different condensed cream soups, just as you would find on your grocery shelves. These all use common ingredients with readily… Read more“21 Creamy Condensed Soups to Replace the “Red Cans””

Soup or Sauce (SOS) Master Mix Secrets

My Most-Used Master Mix—Let Me Show You Why! Get your coffee or your tea, find a relaxing chair (or toilet seat…who am I to judge?), and get ready to read because today I am going to show you how to save money, time, cabinet space, your health, and maybe your… Read more“Soup or Sauce (SOS) Master Mix Secrets”

Strawberry Harvest Time — What to Do with All That Goodness!

Recipes from 21st Century Simple Living for Your Strawberry Harvest Here at Casa Colleen, we love our strawberries. And nothing gives me more hope of the fresh season to come then biting into a huge strawberry and tasting that first burst of liquid sunshine on my tongue. To prepare your kitchen… Read more“Strawberry Harvest Time — What to Do with All That Goodness!”

French Crêpes-Master Batch

Not Just for Breakfast—for Both Savory & Sweet Meals Crêpes are fantastic. A softer alternative to flat breads or taco wraps, they are easy to make and they store well. Simple and versatile, crêpes are the perfect blank canvas for both savory and sweet fillings from chicken and cheese to chocolate and fruit…. Read more“French Crêpes-Master Batch”

Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend

Learn the Shortcuts to Making FAST Meals As I sit here reading the newest list of manufacturer’s food recalls, the absolute certainty I was correct in staying with simple, unprocessed and locally sourced foods eases my mind. Do I succeed 100% of the time? No. But the more I see these recalls growing… Read more“Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend”

Healthy Snack Hacks

Snacks and Treats so easy to make yourself! Making Fruit Roll-ups are simple using a food dehydrator.  We recommend using a non-stick sheet to make removing the fruit leather easier. The Paraflexx sheets from Excalibur and the fruit roll-up trays from Nesco work well. Or try using unbleached parchment paper, which… Read more“Healthy Snack Hacks”