75+ Herb/Spice & Seasoning Blends from Around the World

Make Your Own with Our Recipes, Tips, and Tricks Whether you grow your own or buy in bulk, making your own herb/spice and seasoning blends is so easy! Learn the benefits and how to make any blend yourself—or use our recipes. You can even make your own garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric,… Read more“75+ Herb/Spice & Seasoning Blends from Around the World”

Make Your Own Dehydrating Journal (with Free Printables)

Logging your dehydrating sessions gives you information to use for future batches. Here are 2 methods for you to choose from. When I really started dehydrating on a regular basis I found I was needing some kind of a record of what I had done. To keep track of how long my… Read more“Make Your Own Dehydrating Journal (with Free Printables)”

June 2016 Articles Round-up

June has been a busy month. Gardeners gardening, folks attending the farmer’s markets in droves to get that fresh picked goodness, canners firing up their pots, and dehydrators buzzing along with the smells of all that freshness. Learn to make your own convenience food, herb-spice blends, flavored coffees, and more…. Read more“June 2016 Articles Round-up”

30+ Dehydrating How-tos & Hacks

Did you know 21st Century Simple Living has over 30 “How-to” articles to date on our website covering the step-by-step procedures to dehydrate many of the items you may be wanting to store in your pantry? TIP: Keep a Dehydrating Journal so you know what you have done and can easily… Read more“30+ Dehydrating How-tos & Hacks”

Australian Native Cuisine (with Printable Herb/Spice Blends Chart)

I have experimented with herbs and spices lately that I received from some wonderful friends in Australia and having great fun tasting the explosive array of flavors they add to my cooking! Emerging as a new frontier in the spice trade, Australian wild-crafted spices like bush tomato and mountain pepper are the… Read more“Australian Native Cuisine (with Printable Herb/Spice Blends Chart)”