Slow Cooker/Instant Pot Cream Corn

From Fresh, Frozen or Dehydrated Corn At Home or on the Trail (Just-Add-Water) Creamed corn is a type of creamed food made by pulping corn kernels and collecting the milky residue from the corn. Originating in Native American cuisine, it is now most commonly eaten in the Midwestern and Southern… Read more“Slow Cooker/Instant Pot Cream Corn”

Dehydrated Cranberries or Craisins®

Great Snacking with Tart or Sweet Dried Cranberries Dehydrating Cranberries is easy if you know how to craze them. Crazing (or checking) is a pre-treatment necessary because of the thick skins that make drawing out moisture difficult in the drying process. Other fruits like blueberries and grapes fall under necessary… Read more“Dehydrated Cranberries or Craisins®”

Dehydrated Fig Newton Crunch Cereal

A Granola Cereal with a Fig Newton Cookie Taste—Gluten-free, Nut-free This is one of my favorite cereals to eat, with milk or just to snack on. I add these to trail mixes as well. Mixed with powdered milk and hot water, it makes a great on-the-go wintertime breakfast. Despite the… Read more“Dehydrated Fig Newton Crunch Cereal”

Dehydrated Candy Apple Slices

Great Snacking with Tart or Less-Than-Perfect Apples Different varieties of apples give you different flavors for dried apples.  “Delicious” varieties are fairly mild flavored, Gala or Cameo a little stronger flavor with a nice hint of tart, but tart apples are just sour and only get more sour during dehydration;… Read more“Dehydrated Candy Apple Slices”

Dehydrated Chunky Salsa

Shelf Stable, Lightweight Dry Salsa Mix—Just-Add-Water Perfect for “instant” salsa that is made in minutes; this recipe is reconstituted with just the addition of water. Perfect for campers, backpackers, and busy Moms, with 1/4 cup of this mix per serving, this dehydrated salsa mix is fast, easy, and tastes fantastic! This recipe makes—to… Read more“Dehydrated Chunky Salsa”

Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice”

Make Do-It-Yourself Instant “Minute” Rice Use your dehydrator to convert your favorite cooked rice (Basmati, Jasmine, Parboiled, White, Brown, Black, Arborio, etc.) to “instant” rice. Commercial Instant rice is made by using several methods. In the most common method, the rice is blanched in hot water, steamed, and rinsed. It is… Read more“Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice””

5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods

Just 5 EASY steps to unprocessed, chemical-and-preservative-free, pronounceable ingredient freedom for MUCH less cost. When you compare boxed baking mixes vs. homemade baking mixes, you will see that you are paying almost 40% more money for the convenience. And the time involved? Well, follow me for a moment in this… Read more“5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods”

What is a Homemade DIY Convenience Food?

What they are and why you should make them Convenience Food is anything that comes in a box, bag, pouch or container of some kind at the grocery store. Baking mixes, cake mixes, flavored rice & pasta side dishes, seasoning & flavoring packets, herb & spice blends, condiments, hamburger/chicken/tuna helper dinners, and more are all… Read more“What is a Homemade DIY Convenience Food?”

Homemade MRE’s and Convenience Mixes

Quick Tip: Stock your pantry or your backpack. MRE’s are “meals that are ready to eat” and are usually self-contained, individual meals in lightweight packaging, very popular with backpackers and people who travel or do not have full kitchen facilities (like dorm rooms). Even us Moms like a break every… Read more“Homemade MRE’s and Convenience Mixes”

How to Cook with Dehydrated Foods

~Understand the concepts with this Guide~ What is taken out of food in the dehydrating process? Answer: water. So when you want to rehydrate your food, all you need to do is add the water back in. It’s that easy! Dehydrated foods are a great time saver when preparing just… Read more“How to Cook with Dehydrated Foods”