Tomato Harvest Dehydrated Recipes & Hacks eBook


Tomato Harvest Hacks & Recipes: Dehydrator Recipes & Procedures for Preserving Tomatoes
Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Publication date: July 25, 2017
First Edition
43 pages
Price: $3.99


Dehydrator Recipes & Procedures for Preserving Tomatoes

Too Many Tomatoes (and Ways to Put Them to Use) Starting to get overwhelmed with all the tomatoes that are coming off your vines?


Start with How-to: Dehydrating Tomatoes. You can dry dices, slices, and small tomato halves and quarter. You can purée (or mash) tomatoes to make tomato leather as well. Slice tomatoes any flavor with your favorite seasonings to make tomato chips as delicious snacks.

Tomato Powder

For easy-to-use, instant tomato flavor, grind your dehydrated tomatoes into powder. Check out our article If You Powder Nothing Else, Make Tomato Powder for instructions and details.


For even deeper and more intense flavor, try roasting tomatoes first. A Roasting/Grilling Guide—80 Fruits and Vegetables is provided in the Index.

If you enjoy sun-dried tomatoes in oil read how to make them safely with our guide A Taste of the Summer Sun, “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes.


Use your dehydrated tomatoes and tomatoes and tomato powder to make over 40 foods with our recipes! Many are quick recipes to makes Meals-in-a-Jar or pouch. With dehydrated tomato powder, you can make you own homemade tomato paste and sauces in many flavors (recipes below).  We hope you enjoy!


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