French & Cajun Dried Vegetable Blends eBook


French & Cajun Dried Vegetable Blends
Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Publication date: July 28, 2017
First Edition
16 pages
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Blending dried vegetables creates a flavor mixture allowing you to create an aromatic mix that deeply flavors your meals. They’re called “humble beginnings” for a reason. The foundation of so many of the world’s greatest dishes—from chicken fricassee to jambalaya—is merely a group of un-fancy vegetables that disappear, practically or literally, once they have performed their part. They subsume themselves to the flashier, more obvious members of the company.

French Mirepoix is the French culinary term for a combination of diced carrots, onions and celery sautéed in butter and used as an aromatic base to flavor sauces, soups and stews. Even a small amount can significantly contribute to the overall flavor of a finished dish. I have found a dehydrated blend of this mixture is a great way to start any dish and quickly flavor my meals.

The holy trinity is the Cajun and Louisiana Creole variant of mirepoix. The taste of Louisiana, Cajun and Creole cookery— hailing from the Christian canon of the Trinity, the Cajun Holy Trinity developed in the Louisiana area of the southern United States. Having this blend on hand in a dried version makes meal-time much easier!

These trinities of vegetables lend your dishes that behind-the-scenes flavor. They also often come from a category of vegetables and herbs called aromatics. In the Western world, these might include garlic, onions, carrots, celery, bay leaves, thyme, parsley, and peppercorns, while in Asia you might find green onions, ginger, garlic, and warm spices. Finally, they’re almost always sautéed to gently tease out flavors that permeate the rest of the dish. Sofrito and its Italian counterpart, soffritto, literally mean to stir-fry.

Learn how to combine the flavor blend from common dried vegetables that raise the meals to gourmet status!


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