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DIY Gift Giving from the Kitchen
Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Publication date: August 17, 2017
First Edition
100 pages
Price: $4.99


As we gear up for another season of preparing our Do-It-Yourself holiday gift suggestions, it is time to again pull out our most popular series on 21st Century Simple Living. Here are all the recipes, tips, and tricks we have chronicled to help with those special people in your life. Take a look at these selections to get those creative juices flowing.

Part 1: Popular Herb/Spice Blend Recipes

Gift a Foodie friend with some wonderful Herb/Spice Blends from your own kitchen. There are 7 recipes here for your Herbal Gift Baskets. Or check out our other recipes for herb/spice blends you can make in our eBook: Spice-Seasoning Blends from Around the World.

Part 2: The REAL Stars of Movie Night—Popcorn Seasoning Blends

What could be better than a big bowl full of Popcorn seasonings wrapped around popping kernels? Or perhaps try these seasoning blends on your favorite dehydrated veggie chips or dry nuts or even—my personal favorite—roasted chickpeas! Allow these seasoning combos to spark your own creativity or use the 9 recipes here. Or instead of eating popcorn straight from the bowl, how about a trail mix made with popcorn, dehydrated fruit, and dehydrated or roasted nuts—maybe even dusted with white chocolate powder or fruit or vegetable powder? Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Part 3: Gifts from the Sea—Flavored Salt Blends

For those on your gift list who are not on a salt-restricted diet, salt blends add a depth of flavor with very few ingredients needed to carry out the goal. Seasoned salt is often the standard on foods such as chicken, chips, and deep-fried seafood, or potatoes. But it also is used for many other dishes as well as the finishing salt that graces your table. Flavored salts have the potential to give a subtle change to your dish or a dynamic transformation; it’s up to you! Try your hand at these flavorful salt seasoning blends with our 8 recipes here. Or check out our other recipes for more salt blends you can make in our eBook: Spice-Seasoning Blends from Around the World.

Part 4: Dry Rub Seasonings, the Ultimate “Man Food”

Do you have the “Grill-Mates” on your Foodie list that love the great outdoors and all the food that goes with it? Well then, belly up to a flavorful rack of 6 dry rub seasoning recipes that will please any Weber Addict. Or test out one of our other recipes for more dry rubs you can make in our eBook: Spice-Seasoning Blends from Around the World.

Part 5: The Awesome Flavor of Homemade Dry Seasoning Mixes

A basket of these packaged seasoning recipes mixes are convenient, delicious, and the perfect blend of seasonings your friends can pull out of their cupboard just as they would those packaged mixes from the grocery store. BUT these will be your own ingredients, your own blends, and your own special flours, herbs, and spices, etc. You will KNOW exactly what is in them and be able to plan any dietary changes you need for that special friend. Choose from these 7 recipes. Or test out one of our other recipes for more dry seasoning mixes you can make in our eBook: Spice-Seasoning Blends from Around the World.

Part 6: Taste the Seduction of Homemade Liqueurs

You can learn to make industry quality liqueur & cordials at home. You won’t believe how easy it is. The Billion dollar liquor industry would rather you not know about liqueur production, for if you knew, sales might just be a little different. Is it legal? You bet. And your friends will love you for the gift of these special liqueurs. It is time to start because these recipes do need to mature for a smooth blend. Try these 5 flavors below.

Why (& How-to) Make Your Own Herb/Spice & Seasoning Blends

  • Why homemade herb/spice blends are better
  • How to save money and time
  • Avoid the additives that are not needed with homemade blends
  • Have a fresher product
  • Step-by-step instructions-We have provided step-by-step instruction to show how easy it is to Do-It-Yourself!

Appendix: FREE Printable Labels for DIY Holiday Gift Giving from the Kitchen

We have a round-up of all the labels created for the first 6 parts of this series. If you want to make labels of your own hopefully these will be a good foundation for getting those creative juices flowing.

I have broken each part of the series down into sections, giving examples of the containers I use for my homemade gifts and providing you with some tips to make your creations easier to make. Choose a theme and make baskets or just use these ideas for stocking-stuffers.

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