Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice” eBook


Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice”
Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Publication date: August 1, 2017
First Edition
9 pages
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Make Do-It-Yourself Instant “Minute” Rice

Use your dehydrator to convert your favorite cooked rice (Basmati, Jasmine, Parboiled, White, Brown, Black, Arborio, etc.) to “instant” rice. Commercial Instant rice is made by using several methods. In the most common method, the rice is blanched in hot water, steamed, and rinsed. It is then placed in large ovens for dehydration until the moisture content reaches about twelve percent or less.

The basic principle involves increasing moisture of the milled white rice by using steam or water to form cracks or holes in the kernels. The fast cooking properties come from the fact that, when re-cooked, water can penetrate into the cracked grain much more quickly.

Precooking and dehydrating rice is a great way to make flavorful and fast cooking rice for convenience mixes. Boxed instant rice adds very little nutrition or flavor to meals and regular rice takes too long to cook for a fast, convenience meal. So when I fix a big meal that includes a pot of rice, I dehydrate the leftovers and use this for my convenience meals. It really comes in handy in the following instances:

  • Because dehydrated rice is already cooked and allows you to it to make instant rice that is rehydrated in minutes instead of cooking for +20 minutes every time you make a rice dish, you have major time-savings,
  • Shelf stable storageof cooked rice as opposed to freezing bags,
  • No wasteof dinner leftovers,
  • Less expensive, more flavorful instant rice than what you can buy in instant rice,
  • Making dry packsfor camping/backpacking, or pantry storage,
  • Having rice side dishes and meals that rehydrate/cook in a matter of minutes,
  • Unlike commercial “instant” rice, you keep more of the nutrients and original flavorof the rice itself without any added “stuff” you don’t want in your food,
  • You have all the different varieties of rice at your disposal for your convenience mixes instead of just the few instant rice selections on the shelf of your local grocery store.


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