Using Fruit Powders to Tenderize Meat

All-natural, Tasty, and Easy to Use Are you forever on the hunt for a clever way to improve the texture of a cheap cut of meat? Are you sensitive to the effects of MSG or just prefer not to use it? Then natural fruit powders are your answer. You can… Read more“Using Fruit Powders to Tenderize Meat”

Hack for Dehydrating Greens & Herbs

Fit more Greens on your Trays Greens and leafy herbs are very easy to dehydrate. A good wash, separating out the stems from the leafy parts, and a quick chiffonade is really all that is needed to prepare them for dehydration. Blanching greens is not done for the most part because it… Read more“Hack for Dehydrating Greens & Herbs”

Dehydrating Meat & Poultry

Full Procedure Meat and poultry. As long as meats are low in fat content, you can dehydrate meat and poultry. Turkey, chicken and low fat-content ground meats are good choices. For jerky prepared from ground beef, use meat that is at least 93% lean. For jerky made from poultry, the poultry must… Read more“Dehydrating Meat & Poultry”