Our Ten Most Popular Posts of 2016

Time to Honor the Old and Bring in the New!

I love the time when one year ends and another begins, so I can indulge my curiosity about what my readers find most helpful. I love sharing these numbers with you and reading the comments.

Today I’m sharing the 10 most popular posts of 2016, as determined by reader views. These 10 posts were the most popular during the calendar year beginning January 1, 2016. We had over a quarter of a million views from almost 100,000 people in 144 countries around the globe in 2016. What a wonderful feeling! Thank you to all that found us useful and spread the word. We are humbled and honored by your ongoing interest.

Some of these posts did well because you loved and shared them; some are here because Facebook kept showing it to people, or it got Pinned on Pinterest like crazy, or they ranked high in Google search.

Reader’s Choice, Article #10

Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup?  Many of these recipes include instructions for Dry Soup Starter mixes for Pantry storage or Hiking Trips. I have added more soups throughout the season, so revisit it for the latest recipes.

Reader’s Choice, Article #9

Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend

Switching to a Preservative-Free kitchen where you KNOW what the ingredients are in your cooking can be a daunting task. But there are ways to make it easier for the busy cook.

These recipes replace those store-bought mixes in a healthier, cheaper, preservative-free way, allowing you to gear them to your own special dietary needs.

Reader’s Choice, Article #8

The BEST Dehydrated Caramelized Onions

Kitchens world-wide were busy with crock pots of caramelizing onions and dehydrators full of the same in 2016. This recipe/procedure was viewed over 1,000 times in just the first week! Making homemade meals more convenient is our goal and we LOVE that you agree! Enjoying this economical, fun way of using a food that is readily available in some form to all was loads of fun.

Feel free to share this technique with your friends, whether they have dehydrators or not. It is a quick, painless way of making caramelized onions that can also be frozen and pulled out for quick meal additions. These onions add a layer of flavor to any dish that takes it from ordinary to delicious!

Reader’s Choice, Article #7

Dehydrator InfoGraphic Charts

Quick reference charts listing pretreatments, recommended temperatures, recommended prep methods for powdering,and other special handling for hundreds of foods.

Printable PDF file now included by popular request. Print out these charts and keep them by your dehydrator for a quick reference.

Reader’s Choice, Article #6

5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods

Make Your Own Meals in a Jar or Pouch. Have you ever wondered how you could take your favorite recipes and make them meals-in-a-jar or homemade convenience mixes,all from common ingredients in your pantry and/or from your dehydrated foods?

Great for campers, travelers, apartment dwellers, preppers, homesteading self-sufficiency, or those nights when you just need a quick meal!

Reader’s Choice, Article #5

“Instant” Oatmeal Packets–Various Flavors

Great for On-the-Go! Tired of paying high prices for those little oatmeal packets everybody in your family always grabs 2 of because 1 package isn’t enough? Save the big bucks, make your own, and flavor it with our +20 variations.

Reader’s Choice, Article #4

Homemade Powdered Creamers WITHOUT the Weird Ingredients

Make gifts-in-a-jar for all your coffee connoisseurs or make your own plain or flavored powdered creamers.No weird chemicals—Gluten-free—with Vegan options—everyone loves these recipes.

Easy, frugal ways to trim down cooking time with a healthy choice Do you wish you didn’t have to shell out big bucks for those flavored creamers at the grocery store that always seem to taste like weird chemicals? Want a little flavor in your coffee but your teenager just used the last of the coffee creamer and didn’t tell you? Or maybe you forgot to buy it? These recipes are great for LONG-TERM STORAGE.

Reader’s Choice, Article #3

Dry SOS (Soup or Sauce) Mix with Mushroom Soup Recipe

This article began the series of things you could do with SOS Mix. Use ONE JAR of mix to make all your creamed soups, sauces, gravies, and even full meals! Start here with SOS Mix.

Even one Master Mix—like SOS Mix—can serve your kitchen in many ways! No matter what dietary restrictions you may have, SOS Mix are your go-to in replacing many Store-bought convenience soups, gravies, and sauces. I make 28 kinds of soup, 10 kinds of gravy, and over 30 kinds of sauces from just this ONE Mix!

Reader’s Choice, Article #2

If You Powder Nothing Else, Make Tomato Powder

Our most popular article in 2015, this article continues to teach people why tomato powder is just one of the magical things you can make from your dehydrated foods. Learn to replace your cabinet full of tomato products with tomato powder and take up less space, adding more flavor to all your dishes. Tomato powder is a wonderful product for your cooking needs that adds intense flavor, saves space in your cupboards, and can literally replace dozens of products you buy in your weekly shopping. And, for two years running, our readers agree!

Reader’s Choice, Article #1—Our Most Popular

Homemade Convenience Foods Recipe Hacks Directory

A 3-time Homesteader’s Award Winner, this article has become the backbone of our website.

Now with over 450 recipes, many with dehydrated ingredient options  including coffee, tea, spice blends, seasoning blends, just-add-water meals, dehydrated food recipes, and more. Our recipe directory will steer you in the right direction, helping you to get the hang of using dried foods in your own recipes! From drinks to side dishes to seasoning mixes, start cooking with dehydrated foods and Master Mixes.

Learn how to make:
* Meals in a Jar
* Meals in a Pouch
* Lightweight Backpacking/Camping Foods
* Long Term Storage Foods
* Herb/Spice Blends
* Tea Blends
* Coffee Blends
* Foods to fit your dietary needs
* Homemade Convenience Foods
* Budget-Friendly, Time-Saving Foods
Enjoy the fruits of your preservative-free labors!

I am excitedly working on my new book and more articles to come for 2017. We will also be publishing on-going articles for Dry Soup Mix Recipes, Fruit and Vegetable Leathers,and Dehydrating Hacks.

What would you like to see? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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