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1. Add Savory Umami Taste with Mushrooms & Mushroom Powder eBook (27 pages) for $1.99
2. Banana Chips & Banana Powder How-to & Recipes eBook (33 pages) for $2.99
3. Dehydrating Celery & Celery Powder eBook (27 pages) for $0.99
4. Make Your Own Ginger & Turmeric Slices/Powders eBook (14 pages) for $0.99
5. Safely Dehydrating & Cooking with Dehydrated Foods eBook (51 pages) for $3.99

Just Published November 30, 2017:

6. All Things Coffee! Recipes & Hacks for Coffee Lovers eBook (39 pages) for $3.99


Mark Our Christmas Contest to win an Excalibur Dehydrator on your calendars, coming DECEMBER 1st! To access our Contest click here:

New-eBook Bundles

Also for the month on DECEMBER, two eBook bundles will be FEATURED!

Dried Powders Series—eBook Bundle

Preservative-free/Frugal Food Series-eBook Bundle

December NEW eBooks

Soups for the Cold Days of Winter with Dried Foods—NEW!


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  1. Barbara Hanna says:

    Don’t find my order in junk, spam, or Inbox. Invoice WC-6632 and Transaction ID
    5BD97397RA105413J. The correct email was used, I believe. I’m not complaining…just wondering. Receipt for order from Pay Pal was at 8:19 a.m. If I’ve done something wrong, please let me know.

    1. Admin says:

      Resending order email. Please acknowledge receipt from

      1. Barbara Hanna says: would be the address and I have received nothing yet. I’m sure it is me somehow but I have checked spam and junk.

        1. Admin says:

          I have resent manually through my private email. You typed your email incorrectly on the order form.

          1. Barbara Hanna says:

            I am so sorry, Colleen. I have received them. Thank you. I figured it was me!

          2. Admin says:

            Glad you got your eBooks !!!

  2. Diane Turner says:

    Good morning. I purchased all of the new ebooks but for some reason cannot find the email with the books attached. my order number is 6578
    can you please resend?
    thank you so much

    1. Admin says:

      If you are missing your order, could you please check your junk/spam folder(s) for your New Customer Order email? It would have come from

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