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About Your New eBooks | Directions to Order | How Your Order is Processed | Downloading your eBook Order

The much awaited line of informational eBooks from the archives of 21st Century Simple Living! For a full list, click here.

A short introduction for each eBook is available on the website.  We have given a Description of each eBook to give you a peak into each eBook. Scroll down the page to read.

About Your New eBooks

  • All eBooks are in a PDF format (Portable Document Format) that can be printed out.
  • PDF’s are made for portability across all platforms and devices (not just Kindles or Nooks).
  • They open and can be read in your internet browser on any device WITHOUT any special software.
  • As we add new eBooks, we will make further announcements. We truly hope you enjoy!

Visit the Online Store to place an order.

Directions to Order

1) Just click on the store link and order—> 21st Century Simple Living Online Store.
2) Locate eBook(s) and click “Add to cart”. Each eBook has a Description below. Scroll down to read.
3) When you have chosen all the eBook(s) you wish to buy, click “View cart”.
4) Click “Proceed to checkout”.
5) Fill in your information. Make sure to click “I’ve read and accept the terms conditions”.

6) Then click “Place order”.

How Your Order is Processed

1) You received 2 emails from billing@21stcenturysimpleliving.com.  The first email is your Order Receipt.
2) The second email you receive will contain download link(s). Click to access each eBook and save to your device.
3) If you do not see the emails in your INBOX, check your Junk/Spam folder(s) for them.
4) IF YOU STILL DO NOT SEE THE EMAILS, send me a an email at 21stCenturySimpleLiving@gmail.com with the email address used when you ordered OR your Order Number.

Downloading your eBook Order

1)      In the first column is a link that will take you to a description of the product you just purchased.
2)      The third column contains the link to download your eBook(s).
3)      When you click on this link, a Save File box will pop up.
4)      Choose the File Folder you wish to save you eBook into from the left-hand file listing,
5)      Make a note of WHERE you saved the eBook file on your computer.
6)      Due to the nature of eBook availability, your order is nonrefundable. In addition we are not responsible for lost/missing emails you have received, so please download and save eBook order within a week. After that time, we do not send out replacement emails for any reason. 


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