eBooks from 21st Century Simple Living!

The much awaited line of informational eBooks from the archives of 21st Century Simple Living!

A short introduction for each eBook is available on the website.  We have given a review of each eBook to give you a peak into each. Click on the links (titles) below the read each one!

  • All eBooks are in a PDF format (Portable Document Format) that can be printed out.
  • PDF’s are made for portability across all platforms and devices (not just Kindles or Nooks).
  • They open and can be read in your internet browser on any device WITHOUT any special software.
  • As we add new eBooks, we will make further announcements. We truly hope you enjoy!

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NEW eBooks for November, 2017

You can click on the links (in blue) to access a summary and to order. We hope you enjoy!

  1. Add Savory Umami Taste with Mushrooms & Mushroom Powder eBook (27 pages) for $1.99
  2. Banana Chips & Banana Powder How-to & Recipes eBook (33 pages) for $2.99
  3. Dehydrating Celery & Celery Powder eBook (27 pages) for $0.99
  4. Make Your Own Ginger & Turmeric Slices/Powders eBook (14 pages) for $0.99
  5. Safely Dehydrating & Cooking with Dehydrated Foods eBook (51 pages) for $3.99
  6. All Things Coffee! Recipes & Hacks for Coffee Lovers eBook (59 pages) for $3.99

eBook Title

Number of Pages


All About Oxygen Absorbers & Desiccant Packs 8 $0.99
Citrus Slices & Powders, How-tos & Recipes 37 $2.99
Dehydrating Beans for “Instant” Beans, Bean Flours, & Bean Snacks (with Recipes) 38 $2.99
Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice” 9 $0.99
Dehydrating Winter Vegetables & What to make with the Powder (For Pumpkin, Winter Squash, Carrot, & Sweet Potatoes) 68 $3.99
Dehydrator Infographic Charts (Printable Charts with information for over 100 foods you can dehydrate in your own home. These charts provide a quick reference for temperature settings as well as pretreatments needed. You will also find our suggested preparation methods for powdering, as well as any special instructions you may find helpful.) 13 $0.99
DIY Gift Giving from the Kitchen 100 $4.99
Flavored Liquid & Powdered Creamers (Flavored Extract & Flavored Syrup Included) 46 $2.99
French & Cajun Dried Vegetable Blends 16 $0.99
Fruit Leather (Roll-up) Recipes & Hacks 56 $3.99
Healthy, Homemade Salad Dressing Hacks, Everyone’s Favorites 35 $1.99
How to Make Stock/Broth Powders (Bouillon) With 10 Homemade Stock/Broth Recipes 22 $1.99
Instant Oatmeal Packets–30 Flavors 20 $1.99
Making Tea from Dried Herbs & Spices 45 $2.99
Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend 55 $3.99
Onion & Garlic Powders—Homemade is Better! 11 $0.99
Preparing Foods for Dehydration— Pretreatments and More 39 $1.99
The BEST Dehydrated Caramelized Onions 8 $0.99
Tomato Harvest Dehydrated Recipes & Hacks 57 $3.99
Zero Waste—Dehydrate Stale Baked Goods & Snacks 12 $0.99
695 $47.80