Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend eBook

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Learn the Shortcuts to Making FAST Meals

Make the move to unprocessed foods. You and your family will be glad you did.

As I sit here reading the newest list of manufacturer’s food recalls, the absolute certainty I was correct in staying with simple, unprocessed and locally sourced foods eases my mind. Do I succeed 100% of the time? No. But the more I see these recalls growing in number with each passing year, the more I know I am doing the right thing. We are “at the mercy” of the people who manufacture these products if we can’t do it for ourselves.

And a lot of it CAN be done by us. Taking back my choice to eat healthy foods again has been a win-win for me. One of the primary ways that I do this is with my Master Convenience Mixes (MCM’s). They allow me to do so much more with my meals than even I thought possible. Every year, my recipe box grows with MY OWN healthy alternatives to what has become the norm for my generation, commercially mass-produced convenience foods. But mine are better.

For directions on putting together Homemade Convenience Mixes, see our guide in the Appendix:
5 Steps to Creating a Homemade Convenience Mix”.

Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend
From the archives of 21st Century Simple Living
Publication date:  August 17, 2017
First Edition
55 pages
Price $3.99


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    How do I buy this?

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    So grateful for the recipes & instructions. Especially thankful for the Gluten Free flour mix

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