International Blends to Make You Go Yum!

Herb/Spice Blends from Central America, Europe, Asia, & Africa

Use these distinctive Seasoning Blends in your foods to give them flavor and a different flair than what you are used to! The Spice of Life is changing up your seasoning blends to enjoy your foods in different ways.

Save time and money. Customize these mixes to fit your dietary lifestyle .In short, Have It Your Way!

Listed in this article:
• Achiote/ Annatto Paste (Yucatán/Mayan/Mexico/Belize)
• Baharat Spice Blend (Arabic)
• Hellenic All-Purpose Seasoning Blend (Greek)
• Juniper Berry Spice Blend (German)
• Oriental Stir-Fry Seasoning Blend (China)
• Ras el Hanout Blend (Moroccan)
• Red Chili Paste (Mexican)

Achiote/ Annatto Paste (Yucatán/Mayan/Mexico/Belize)

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Baharat Spice Blend (Arabic)

For more meat rubs and marinades, click here:

Hellenic All-Purpose Seasoning Blend (Greek)

Like this kind of Herb/Spice Blend? Try some of our French Blends as well—flavor without the heat! Click here:

Juniper Berry Spice Blend (German)

Some of our Dry Rub Seasonings use juniper berries as well; click here to see them:

Oriental Stir-Fry Seasoning Blend (China)

Chinese Hot Oil is added to many Chinese dishes. Here is the way I make mine. Mikey Chen does a great job of teaching you how easy it is to make your own.
Click here:

Ras el Hanout Blend (Moroccan)

For other ways to flavor your grains, try these Side Dish Recipes:

Red Chili Paste (Mexican)

This is NOT the Chili Powder Mexican Seasoning Blend you use for tacos, but straight up chili powder itself; for the Seasoning BLEND, click here:


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What are some of YOUR favorite Seasoning Blends
you would like us to feature?

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