“Instant” Flavored Teas—Dry Mix Recipe #2 (Vegan Option)

Make Your Own Flavored Instant Teas—Just Add Water

This is another request of one of my group members who wanted an instant flavored tea mix without the added gelatin from the previous recipe for Instant Flavored Tea Dry Mix. This too is a just-add-water dry mix. This is what I came up with.

Make your own simple mix-ahead flavored dry tea mix. Measure it out into hot or cold water for a fruity change of pace. This allows you to use unflavored Kool-Aid (I used lemon flavored for my experiment) and designed so that either sugar or Splenda Granulated No Calorie Sweetener can be used with it.

This is made using the unsweetened Kool-Aid Drink Mix, 0.16-ounce packet size. Try whatever flavor you like–Raspberry Peach, Tropical, etc. I also choose to use Lipton Unsweetened Iced Tea Mix because I consider the ingredient list relatively harmless: Instant Tea Powder and Maltodextrin. (Besides, that is what I had on hand.) Lipton also makes a decaffeinated version as well. See product pictures below.

I am still working on how to use my dried fruit powders to make this drink mix. I have not given up!

Kool-Aid Tea Mix

Makes 18 (1 cup) servings or 1 gallon of tea

1 package any flavor Kool-Aid
7 tablespoons Lipton® Unsweetened Iced Tea instant tea mix
1 cup sugar or Splenda sweetener


Combine all ingredients in a pint-sized jar or vacuum seal bag.


To Use Dry Mix:

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. To make tea, mix below amount of dry mix with measure of cold or hot water indicated.
    1 cup tea: 4 teaspoons mix + 1 cup water.
    1 quart tea: 3 heaping tablespoons mix + 4 cups water.
    2 quarts tea: 1/2 cup mix + 8 cups water.
    1 gallon tea: 1 cup mix (full batch) + 16 cups water.
  3. Optional but delicious: throw in a few dehydrated berries, peach or pineapple slices, or other dried fruits in while your tea is steeping or chilling. It really kicks up the flavor!


Product Example Pictures

Lipton Unsweetened Instant Tea Mix, Regular & Decaf

Kool-Aid Drink Mix (0.16-Ounce packets)

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