How-To: Dehydrating Strawberries

Photo Credit: Janet Payne. 7 pounds of homegrown strawberries.

Here in the Southern U.S. we are gearing up to receive that first taste of harvest delight, the strawberry. Nothing gives me more hope of spring to come then biting into a huge Plant City Strawberry and tasting that first burst of liquid sunshine on my tongue.

When you can dehydrate that sweetness into slices or a powder to flavor your foods, you can enjoy that taste year round! The hulls and leaves can also be dried and used for teas.

Select firm, ripe, red strawberries with uniform color. Wash and core.

Slice 1/4-inch thick. An egg slicer works well for uniform slices.

Spread on dehydrator trays in a single layer.

Dehydrate at 125°F/50°C for 8 to 16 hours or until dry. Berries should still be pliable or leathery when dry and should have no pockets of moisture in them. Allow to cool.

Store in air-tight container(s) away from heat, humidity, and light.

To make Strawberry Powder: Grind strawberry slices into a fine powder with a mortar & pestle, coffee/spice grinder, or high-powdered blender. For more information click here: Dried Powders: How-tos and Hacks.

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