Homemade Side Dish Hacks Better than the Grocery Store

Skip the long aisles of side dish convenience boxes, packets, and jars you find in the grocery store by making your own! Many of these side dishes can be made into full meals with the addition of vegetables and meat. And for vegetarians and vegans, here is the basis of a delicious meal for you too. With gluten-free options, these side dishes can fit just about any lifestyle.

No preservatives, whole food options, and pantry packaging that allows you to store them for camping, travel and those busy days when grabbing something quick is just what you need.

Add meat and/or vegetables for a full meal and you are on your way to a quick return in less than a half hour! So who really needs Uncle Ben?


Rice sides (1)Rice Side Dishes

These rice dishes have been tested and enjoyed by my family for many years. There are many “copycat” options here so that you can enjoy what you have bought and loved in packages. Easy to make and they go together quickly to stock your cupboards.

To make any of these recipes “Instant” Rice Side Dishes just replace the called for rice with an instant version like Minute Rice.


Noodle sides (1)Pasta Side Dishes

Enjoy your own pasta recipes with our Macaroni & Cheese Pantry Packs or make your own noodles for your side dishes, like Whole Wheat Tomato Noodles.

Using sauce recipes is the best way to get flavors out of your Pasta Pantry Packs. We have a number of sauce recipes that will make for delicious Pasta Sides without a lot of effort. Try one of these sauce recipes with your favorite pasta:


Potato Side Dishes

You can make Pantry Packs for popular potato-based side dishes too. Enjoy old favorites like:


bean sides2 (1)Bean Side Dishes

Bean Side Dishes are becoming more popular and are a great way to work proteins into your diet. They taste delicious and can be made into Pantry Packs with good success making them an almost instant side dish, dip, or snack.

Basic Hummus and Variations

Start with the Instant Hummus Dry Mix for a Basic Hummus Recipe. Then add your flavorings of choice. Here are 12 of our favorite variations you can make from this ONE basic mix:

  1. Artichoke Hummus
  2. Avocado Hummus
  3. Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant) Hummus
  4. Creamy Yogurt Hummus
  5. Curried Hummus
  6. Garlic Lover’s Hummus
  7. Jalapeno & Cilantro Hummus
  8. Lime-Chipotle Hummus
  9. Mediterranean Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Hummus
  10. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
  11. Spicy Black Bean Hummus
  12. Tofu & Peanut Butter Hummus


Using other beans you can make some really enjoyable dips. Try our Instant Black Bean Dip Dry Mix or our Instant Refried Beans Dry Mix for another way to make beans fun for the whole family.


Miscellaneous Ingredients Side Dishes

Here are a few more recipes we use in Pantry Packs to spice up our meals:

What side dishes do you enjoy that can be made into quick Pantry Packs
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