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Check out the growing list of articles regarding herbs, spices, and seasonings that have been written on 21st Century Simple Living. My first love is cooking with these wonderful creations of nature and I love sharing my knowledge. Click on any of the links and it will take you into the homemade world of cooking with these so you can get started on your own sustainable pantry. Enjoy!

Herb/Spice Blends (9)

Why should you make your own Herb/Spice Blends?
Mexican Spice Blends InfoGraphic FREE Printable!
Australian Native Cuisine (with Printable Herb/Spice Blends Chart)
Not into Spicy Foods? Try French Herb Blends
Popular Herb/Spice Blend Recipes
Holiday Herb/Spice Blends FREE Printable Charts
Gifts from the Sea—Flavored Salt Blends
Dry Rub Seasonings, the Ultimate “Man Food”
The REAL Stars of Movie Night—Popcorn Seasoning Blends

Processing Fresh Herbs (3)

Harvesting, Preparing, and Seeding Herbs & Spices
Freezing Methods for Herbs & Spices
Drying Methods for Herbs & Spices

All Things Coffee (6)

Yes Virginia, There IS a Homemade Liquid Creamer!
8 Flavored International Café Instant Coffee Blends
Good to the Last Drop—12 DIY Iced Coffees
The Best Part of Waking Up, Naturally Flavored Coffee Beans
Homemade Powdered Creamers WITHOUT the Weird Ingredients
4 Homemade Extracts for Coffee Creamers (and flavoring all manner of things)

Tea Blends (3)

Making Teas from Herbs and Spices
Cinnamon Teas for Winter Complaints
From Bloom to Brew—Edible Flower Tea Blends

Drinks-Other (2)

Taste the Seduction of Homemade Liqueurs
6 Hot Cocoa Recipes to “Weather” the Storms

Miscellaneous (7)

The Awesome Flavor of Homemade Dry Seasoning Mixes
Making SAFE Herbal Infused Oils
Extracts/Tinctures from Herbs & Spices
Step up your Game Day—Homemade Mustards
Preserving Herbs & Spices with Infused Vinegars
Herbal Infused Honey
FREE Printable Labels for DIY Holiday Gift Giving from the Kitchen



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