Healthy Snack Hacks

Snacks and Treats so easy to make yourself!

Making Fruit Roll-ups are simple using a food dehydrator.  We recommend using a non-stick sheet to make removing the fruit leather easier. The Paraflexx sheets from Excalibur and the fruit roll-up trays from Nesco work well. Or try using unbleached parchment paper, which you can find in most grocery stores.

Or try Yogurt Drops or roll-ups or banana taffy leather. Making your own with plain yogurt allows you to control the ingredients—especially the sugar content—of your snacks.

You can even make your own Gummy Drops or shapes. I have seen some very creative gummy drops made with a piping bag and cake decorating tips; everything from gummy worms and tapeworms to flowers. Some people even purchase the heat-safe molds and dehydrate in them for nicely shaped gummies. This is a great project to do with the kids too after the mixtures have cooled.

Nothing beats dried fruits for a great snacking item. Dried fruits are so easy to make yourself and to use in trail mixes as well. Be adventurous and add dehydrated marshmallows to your mixes. Try banana chips or watermelon jerky or strawberry bits or even zucchini cooked in flavored syrup and dehydrated.

An English muffin or a bagel chip with your own homemade cream cheese spread you whip up in less than 5 minutes makes for delicious snacking. Or try dipping your fruits or other snack foods into the dips.

Try a movie night with popcorn seasoned with your own blend of herbs, spices, and powders.

What about a nice fruit-flavored pudding snack made with our Master Pudding Mix and your fruit powders? Simply add in 2 or more tablespoons of your favorite fruit powders to the mix with cold water or milk! Or think about fruit flavored rice pudding for a different treat.

Nothing beats a few of Mom’s homemade cookies for an after-school snack. Try the Master Cookie Dry Mix and one of the recipes listed with it or make up your own favorite flavors from dried fruits and fruit powders.

Bake up a batch of cupcakes with our Master Cake Mix and flavor it with fruit or fruit powders for a special treat.

Last but not least, try your making your own trail mix or granola. Our  Dehydrated Fig Newton Granola will show you how!

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7 thoughts on “Healthy Snack Hacks

  1. We love making flavored popcorn. I’m going to have to try some of these other treats, they sound delicious! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Hop!

  2. Ooooo…love all these ideas. Going to bookmark this page. thank you!! BTW my favorite healthy snack has to be anything with coconut in it. Coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut butter, coconut cream….just making myself hungry now 😉

    1. Admin says:

      lol…well I am sure you can incorporate your fav into ANY of these recipes !!!

  3. Seema says:

    Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

    1. Admin says:

      Yes, we are on Twitter too 🙂

  4. Tracy Deakyne says:

    Fabulous ideas! I’m in the middle of dehydrating the garden’s bounty. My husband just bought a dehydrator for me at an auction for $10 and I’ve been drying ever since. As soon as I return from my trip, I’m going to try your ideas – thanks so much!

    1. Admin says:

      Good for you! I love my dehydrator. If you are on Facebook, why don’t you think about joining our group, Dehydrating Divas & Dudes?

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