SOS Mix FAQ’s & Recipe Round Up

We have offered a number of great recipes in the last few weeks to help you cook from scratch with HOMEMADE convenience foods. What is a convenience food? Here is the definition.

And hopefully we have convinced you that even one mix—like SOS Mix—can serve your kitchen in many ways! No matter what dietary restrictions you may have, SOS Mix can be your go-to in replacing many different Store-bought convenience soups, gravies, and sauces. I personally make 28 different kinds of soup, 10 different kinds of gravy, and over 30 different kinds of sauces from just this ONE Mix!

What makes this one mix so great?

  • It’s CHEAP. Each mix contains the equivalent of 9 cans of cream soup and all you really need to add to it is water.
  • It’s EASY & QUICK TO MAKE. In 5 minutes you can have a mix that can help you make literally dozens of meals.
  • It’s HOMEMADE with just a few simple ingredients that you can pronounce and that you probably already use every day.
  • It’s SHELF STABLE which means it does not have to be refrigerated.
  • It’s GLUTEN-FREE. It’s incredibly frustrating how many canned soups have gluten in them.
  • It’s LOW CARB and LOW SALT, unlike the commercial foods you can make from it. It’s FAT-FREE too. Just look at this comparison with one of the products you can make from SOS Mix:

Soup Salt Comparison

Can I make this dairy-free?

To make it dairy free, use coconut milk powder.

Can I use Whole Milk Powder?

You can use either instant or non-instant dry milk, nonfat or whole milk powder. Just be sure to check the actual milk’s instructions when mixing your batch. There may be a volume difference. When making liquid milk from dry it is 1/4 cup non-instant to 1 cup water and 1/3 cup instant to 1 cup water. It’s more of a personal preference.

Can I make this Vegan?

To make it vegan, use coconut milk powder. Any stock you add can be vegetable stocks or TVP powder.

Can I use arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch?

Arrowroot is actually one of my favorite thickeners. However, when combined with dairy products it gets a slimy texture to it that is unappealing. In addition, arrowroot will not work for the Pudding Mix because it is no-cook and arrowroot does need some heat to thicken.

Isn’t there is gluten in cornstarch?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other cereals. Gluten is not present in corn starch, which makes it an excellent substitute for flour in many recipes.

It is best though to check the label and MAKE SURE that the cornstarch you purchase was not manufactured in a facility where it would come in contact with grain products. How do you avoid the cross-contamination threat? The first approach is to buy cornstarch from food companies that guarantee no cross-contamination. The companies can make this claim because they use one set of machines solely for gluten free substances while using a separate set for products that contain gluten. For example, Hearth Club, Argo & Kingsford Corn Starch, and Bob’s Red Mill Corn Starch are brands known to be gluten free. Bob’s Red Mill corn starch is also GMO-free.


Recipe Recap

Here is a list of recipes we have featured. Click on the recipes to go to the link where you can find the recipe.

~1. Master SOS Mix Recipe

2. Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe
3. Cream of Celery Soup

4. Cream of Chicken Soup

5. Cream of Potato Soup
6. Condensed Tomato Soup

7. Condensed Tomato Bisque
8. Old-Fashioned Country-Style Milk Gravy

9. Cream Chipped Beef Gravy

10. Breakfast Sausage Gravy
11. Basic White Sauce

12. Cheese Sauce

13. Alfredo Sauce

14. Soubise (Onion) Sauce

15. Vodka Sauce
16. Tuna Noodle Skillet

17. Skillet Hamburger Stroganoff

18. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Skillet

19. Taco Bar Skillet

20. Mexican Chicken & Rice
21. Vanilla Pudding

22. Chocolate Pudding

23. Lemon Pudding

24. Banana Pudding

25. Butterscotch Pudding


Some of our other recipes featured for February 2016 were:

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27. Yogurt Drops

28. Watermelon Sugar

29. Barbecue Sauce — Great Sauce for Marinating Jerky

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32. Instant Hummus

33. “Instant” Oatmeal Packets-Various Flavors

34. Scalloped Potatoes Dry Mix

35. Homemade Liquid Coffee Creamers

36. Homemade Powdered Coffee Creamers WITHOUT the Weird Ingredients

37. 6 Onion Soup or Mushroom Soup & Dip Dry Mixes

To find other Homemade Convenience Foods, look here.

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