Dehydrating Beans for “Instant” Beans, Bean Flours, & Bean Snacks (with Recipes) eBook

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Why dehydrate cooked beans?

Dehydrating cooked beans allows you to use them in quick meals when you do not have time for the long soaking and cooking process beans may take or you are camping or backpacking and need quick rehydration of this protein-packed addition to your meals.

Beans add protein and other nutritional benefits to backpacking meals. The starch in them is digested slowly providing a steady release of glucose. This provides energy for the day. Dehydrated beans do not need long soaking or cooking times and a large amount of precious water as the raw dried beans do. The cooked dehydrated beans can be rehydrated with boiling water to cover in a pan, a bowl, or even a thermos for no-fuel rehydration on the trail.

Easy, forgiving, healthy and economical, beans are a home cook’s secret weapon. While canned beans are convenient, knowing how to cook dried beans gives you flexibility that makes for a far more delicious meal, and the amount of sodium is far less.

Gluten-Free and High-Protein

Bean flours have become very popular with the gluten-free community in recent years. These can be added to veggie patties and burgers, used to make hummus, dips, pie and pizza crust, or in cookies and other sweet treats. Making your own bean flours will save you TONS of money compared to buying the organic flours in the stores. Another plus of making your own bean flours at home is that homemade flour tastes better. It has a fresher flavor than most store-bought flours.

Since beans can have a very strong flavor that is not always palatable or that overpowers other food flavors, soaking and cooking the beans first will lessen that “raw” taste. Soak your beans because it makes them easier to digest. To mellow out the flavor, you cook as usual, puree, then dehydrate the cooked beans and grind your flour from there.


Colleen E. Bohrer, author
Dehydrating Beans for “Instant” Beans, Bean Flours, & Bean Snacks (with Recipes)
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Publication date: August 20, 2017
First Edition
38 pages
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