Tips & Tricks—Slow Cooker Basics

My slow cookers (I have two) have become my favorite way to cook a one-pot meal. I have prepared everything from chili to a roasted turkey to “baked goods” in these little gems of low-maintenance versatility. I especially like using my slow cooker this time of year because it doesn’t… Read more“Tips & Tricks—Slow Cooker Basics”

Muffin Pans are not just for Cupcakes and Muffins!

As with everything in my Kitchen, I subscribe to the Zero Waste policy. I have expanded that to mean no waste with food, time, OR space.  And since I live in an apartment, space is at a premium. So when I start thinking about a new tool or appliance, I… Read more“Muffin Pans are not just for Cupcakes and Muffins!”