Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!

39 Soup Mix Recipes to Feed your Family Soups are one of the most popular Convenience Foods on the market. Chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, and cream of mushroom soup are among the top 10 food items sold in grocery stores each week. But they are full of sodium, preservatives,… Read more“Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!”

100% Whole Wheat Bread Dry Pantry Mix

~~~Recipes for Traditional Baking & Bread Machines with Multi-grain Option~~~ These recipes contain NO white, bleached flour, only whole wheat flour. I suggest using the whole wheat winter white flour for these recipes as it will give a lighter loaf. I have also made some simple jar labels, one set… Read more“100% Whole Wheat Bread Dry Pantry Mix”

3 Cajun/Creole Rice Recipes (with Seasoning Blend Recipe)

Whenever I am in Cajun country, the first thing I grab is a big plate of Cajun Dirty Rice with a side of greens. When I am at home, I make this dish as well. I always have a pint jar of canned chicken livers and a Pantry Pack of… Read more“3 Cajun/Creole Rice Recipes (with Seasoning Blend Recipe)”

Rice Pilaf Pantry Packs (Near East Copycat)

This is MY version of the popular Near East® Rice Pilaf which, in my opinion, has the best flavor. The problem is that it is so high in sodium that I cannot eat it! Rice Pilaf is typically a blend of rice, spices, and orzo pasta. Pilafs can also be made… Read more“Rice Pilaf Pantry Packs (Near East Copycat)”

Long Grain & Wild Rice Mixes (Uncle Ben’s Copycat)

~~~Do you like Uncle Ben’s® Long Grain & Wild Rice as much as I do?~~~ If so, here is a homemade version that will rock your world! I love the nutty taste of a good rice and wild rice mixture. This is a vegan AND gluten-free side dish that has… Read more“Long Grain & Wild Rice Mixes (Uncle Ben’s Copycat)”

Master Dry Mix for Cornbread

Including Instructions to Make Your Own Cornmeal from Dried Corn Jiffy Corn Bread Mix—before I moved to a preservative-free kitchen there was always a half-dozen boxes in my cupboard. I loved the stuff, especially with soup or beans or pork or…well, you get the message. Now I make my own… Read more“Master Dry Mix for Cornbread”

“Spatini” Spaghetti Sauce Dry Mix

You can add 1 pound of ground meat to this sauce to make Bolognese. This mix also makes a great sauce for Pizza Night! Since the Spatini Italian Foods Company discontinued production and sale of its spaghetti sauce mix in December 2006, Internet discussion groups have organized petitions pleading to… Read more““Spatini” Spaghetti Sauce Dry Mix”

Buttermilk Ranch Dry Seasoning Mix

Many of you have requested a good dry convenience mix for Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. I have been searching for a good one for years and I think I have finally found it! This one has received two thumbs up in my home. Ranch Dressing Dry Seasoning Mix Makes about 1-1/8 cups… Read more“Buttermilk Ranch Dry Seasoning Mix”

3 Dry Creamed Soup Recipes with SOS Mix

Today we will continue replacing our canned creamed soups. The most popular creamed soups (after the Cream of Mushroom) are Cream of Celery, Cream of Chicken, and Cream of Potato Soups. In case you missed yesterday’s explanation of making SOS Mix and Cream of Mushroom soup, you can find it… Read more“3 Dry Creamed Soup Recipes with SOS Mix”

6 Onion or Mushroom Soup & Dip DRY Mixes

These recipes are a must if you flavor with the dry soup brand mixes. Chemical-free, gluten-free, and with vegan options,  these mixes are also frugal and will save you money. I have played with these recipes and I think they taste better than the boxed brands! Original Onion Soup &… Read more“6 Onion or Mushroom Soup & Dip DRY Mixes”