Smoke on the Water—Wood & Liquid Smoked Salts

Start with an all-natural salt and slow smoke it using real Applewood chips. A delicate smolder with a subtle hint of fruit makes this smoked salt very versatile as a rub, marinade, or finishing salt. BUT what if you do not have a smoker? That is what my friend Anna… Read more“Smoke on the Water—Wood & Liquid Smoked Salts”

5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods

Just 5 EASY steps to unprocessed, chemical-and-preservative-free, pronounceable ingredient freedom for MUCH less cost. When you compare boxed baking mixes vs. homemade baking mixes, you will see that you are paying almost 40% more money for the convenience. And the time involved? Well, follow me for a moment in this… Read more“5 Steps to Creating Homemade Convenience Foods”

Scalloped Potatoes Dry Mix

Scalloped potatoes are a favorite side dish that can be made cheaply. Putting the ingredients together ahead of time means that you always have the start of a meal done for you. Whether you choose to have this as a side dish or a full meal (see notes at the… Read more“Scalloped Potatoes Dry Mix”

Better-than-Manwich® Sloppy Joe Pantry Packs

Three variations; 1) common kitchen ingredients, 2) dehydrated sauce ingredients, & 3) “Just-Add-Water” Pantry Packs! Those cans of Manwich Sauce, mocking me every time I opened my cupboard door, were one of my last hold-outs to a preservative-free kitchen. I knew the sodium and the sugars were sky-high and the preservatives were there, but I… Read more“Better-than-Manwich® Sloppy Joe Pantry Packs”

Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend eBook

NEW eBook Review Learn the Shortcuts to Making FAST Meals Make the move to unprocessed foods. You and your family will be glad you did. As I sit here reading the newest list of manufacturer’s food recalls, the absolute certainty I was correct in staying with simple, unprocessed and locally… Read more“Master Convenience Mix Hacks, a Busy Cook’s Best Friend eBook”

“Instant” Oatmeal Packets–30 Flavors eBook

NEW eBook Review Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal Packets—Inexpensive, Easy, and Versatile With Vegan/Lactose-free options It is so easy to make your own oatmeal packets just like you find in the stores with as many flavors as you can think of using dried fruits, nuts, chocolate morsels, and even dried marshmallows. Add fruit powders for… Read more““Instant” Oatmeal Packets–30 Flavors eBook”

Flavored Liquid & Powdered Creamers (Flavored Extract & Flavored Syrup Included) eBook

NEW eBook Review Do you wish you didn’t have to shell out big bucks for those flavored creamers at the grocery store that always seem to taste like weird chemicals? Want a little flavor in your coffee but your teenager just used the last of the coffee creamer and didn’t… Read more“Flavored Liquid & Powdered Creamers (Flavored Extract & Flavored Syrup Included) eBook”