My Personal Favorites—7 Seasoning Blends I Love

Herb/Spice Blends from My Kitchen Using Herbs, Spices, and Powders These blends are some of my favorites and the blends I regularly use in my own kitchen. You will notice I incorporate a number of powdered vegetables, mushrooms, and even coffee and cocoa in these blends. Don’t be afraid to… Read more“My Personal Favorites—7 Seasoning Blends I Love”

Gourmet on the Cheap—More Salt Blend Flavors

Flavored salt is one of the easiest ways to add something special to a dish, but hardly anyone ever does it. Why is that? Maybe they just need inspiration. Read on for 5 ways to make easy, tasty, gourmet flavored salts yourself. Many of those expensive flavored salts that are… Read more“Gourmet on the Cheap—More Salt Blend Flavors”

A Taste of Thai — Thai Seasoning Salt Blend

Thai Flavoring Salt is an all-natural blend of pure sea salt, spices, and fresh, juicy ginger. Spicy, tart and clean, this salt is one of the most popular I make because of its ability to add zest to both all dishes. I have found Thai Sea Salt is the exotic… Read more“A Taste of Thai — Thai Seasoning Salt Blend”

Smoke on the Water—Wood & Liquid Smoked Salts

Start with an all-natural salt and slow smoke it using real Applewood chips. A delicate smolder with a subtle hint of fruit makes this smoked salt very versatile as a rub, marinade, or finishing salt. BUT what if you do not have a smoker? That is what my friend Anna… Read more“Smoke on the Water—Wood & Liquid Smoked Salts”

Rooster Salt! Sriracha Salt to Put on EVERYTHING

Sriracha is a type of salty, garlicy, chili pepper sauce made from a paste of red chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, salt, and sugar. The sauce is hot and tangy with just a hint of sweetness, which sets it apart from your garden variety hot sauces. It is the perfect accompaniment… Read more“Rooster Salt! Sriracha Salt to Put on EVERYTHING”

Bacchus Salt! Wine Salt (Red & White Options)

Last week, there was a discussion about a video that showed how to make red wine salt. Unfortunately, there were a few discrepancies and it was confusing to follow the recipe. I had made it before, but could not recall the exact details and measurements. So I went into my kitchen… Read more“Bacchus Salt! Wine Salt (Red & White Options)”

Gifts from the Sea—Flavored Salt Blends

Part 3 of the Series on DIY Holiday Gift Giving from the Kitchen Making salt blends at home could not be easier. For those who are not on a salt-restricted diet, salt blends add a depth of flavor with very few ingredients needed to accomplish the goal. Seasoned salt is often the… Read more“Gifts from the Sea—Flavored Salt Blends”