Make Natural Decaffeinated “Black” Teas

~The Flavor of Black Tea without the Caffeine plus 5 Recipes for your Favorite Tea Blends~ Have you been told to cut back on caffeine? Or maybe you would just like to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea before bedtime without ending up wired for sound? Well, NOW you… Read more“Make Natural Decaffeinated “Black” Teas”

Cinnamon Teas for Winter Complaints

Or Cooling Summertime Goodness Cinnamon tea is a warming and healing drink. Simply brewing it up and sipping it as you would any other tea gives a host of benefits. Cinnamon acts as a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agent in the body, which may help to explain why it’s been… Read more“Cinnamon Teas for Winter Complaints”

From Bloom to Brew—Edible Flower Tea Blends

Beautiful aromatic flowers that instill a tea infusion with delicate floral scent of Jasmine, Rose, or Chamomile…this bountiful collection of blooming teas will tantalize the eyes and nose as well as the taste buds. These artisan teas will bloom as they steep, will create a wonderful pot of tea. You can… Read more“From Bloom to Brew—Edible Flower Tea Blends”

Making Teas from Herbs and Spices

Part 6 of the Series, Methods to Preserve Your Herbal Harvest I love tea—black tea, Earl Grey tea, chai tea, green tea, sweet iced tea—all kinds of tea. A fresh cup of steaming hot tea on a cold winter’s day is just this side of Nirvana for me. It is also an… Read more“Making Teas from Herbs and Spices”