What CAN You Dehydrate at Home?

For the HOME dehydrator, there are many options available in foods you can dehydrate. Although you can dehydrate just about anything, shelf stability and SAFETY are key to deciding what I will put my work and time into. After much research and experimenting, I have found that I am most successful… Read more“What CAN You Dehydrate at Home?”

Reviving Stale Snack Foods

Zero-Waste Quick Tip Throwing away foods because they have become stale is one of my pet peeves. However, I live in a high humidity area and this is a frequent occurrence at Casa Colleen. Again, my dehydrator saves the day! Snack foods including cereal, chips, popcorn, and crackers are revived in… Read more“Reviving Stale Snack Foods”

Homemade Flavored Pasta using Vegetable Powders

Two Methods with 2 Great Recipes! My friend Judi Strauss, writer and food creator extraordinaire of the blog The Charmed Kitchen,  loves playing with her food as much as I do. She has 2 delightful recipes for homemade pasta that we have been discussing. They fit nicely into use with vegetable… Read more“Homemade Flavored Pasta using Vegetable Powders”

How Much Should You Powder?

Working with Fruit & Vegetable Powders Is Easy, but How Much Is Enough? When working with powders, you do not need an arsenal of flavors at your fingertips already ground up. As you use your powders, you will learn what you need to have on-hand all the time. My main… Read more“How Much Should You Powder?”

Fruit Leather (Roll-up) Recipes & Hacks

15 Recipes & 5 Articles with Hacks to Make Fruit Leathers Like a Pro We just finished up our two-week series on Fruit Leather (Roll-up) Recipes and they were well received! It was really fun sharing some of our favorite fruit leather recipes with you. Please let us know in… Read more“Fruit Leather (Roll-up) Recipes & Hacks”

Fruit Leather Perfection Secrets

Hacks That Give You the Picture-Perfect Product Everyone Will Love! Fruit Leathers are so easy to prepare with your dehydrator or oven. There are really few things that can go wrong. Many times all it takes are a few tips from the experts—dehydrating Moms who have found the secret to… Read more“Fruit Leather Perfection Secrets”

Making Fruit Leathers in Your Oven

Don’t Have a Dehydrator? Ovens May Work as Well. If you don’t have a dehydrator, that’s ok; you may still make fruit leather in the oven. Prepare the Oven Oven drying can be used if you can support an oven temperature of 140ºF/60ºC. If the oven temperature is higher than this, case… Read more“Making Fruit Leathers in Your Oven”

Cracks in Your Fruit Leathers?

Try These Hacks to Make Perfect Fruit Leather Every Time If your fruit leather buckles or cracks in the middle, resulting in big fissures instead of remaining one continuous sheet, try these hacks. Puréed Thickness Perfection The desired consistency of purée that is most suitable for drying into leather is… Read more“Cracks in Your Fruit Leathers?”

Dehydrator Temperatures with Conversion Chart

Dehydrating Temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius with a list of corresponding common foods. Dehydrating food is very different from cooking, but it’s just as important to set and use the correct temperature. This conversion chart shows the Fahrenheit and Celsius readings for common food settings. Temperatures are rounded to the nearest… Read more“Dehydrator Temperatures with Conversion Chart”

39 Recipes using Dried Fruit & Vegetables

Dehydrated Foods Recipe Series: Dried Fruit & Vegetables Today’s featured ingredients are recipes containing dried fruit & vegetables, adding flavor and variety to all your cooking. Dried fruits and vegetables take all your meals to a new level and are much easier to cook with then you may think. Along… Read more“39 Recipes using Dried Fruit & Vegetables”