How to Dehydrate Chicken Safely

For Shredded, Chunks or Jerky—2 Methods for all Poultry According to the latest safety data, Poultry (chicken, turkey, geese, ducks, etc.) should be thoroughly cooked before dehydrating. Current testing shows that properly COOKED poultry infected by avian viruses such as H5N1 present no bird flu risk for consumers from properly… Read more“How to Dehydrate Chicken Safely”

Safely Dehydrating Ground Meats

Ground Meat Rocks or Crumbles are Easy to Make Before Beginning: Buy meat that is at least 85% lean. This gives you a good starting point, as well as an easier process to be assured you can remove as much fat as possible without compromising taste. Fat spoils quickly, and the… Read more“Safely Dehydrating Ground Meats”