How to Dehydrate Chicken Safely

For Shredded, Chunks or Jerky—2 Methods for all Poultry Before Beginning To make chicken jerky or dried chicken pieces or shreds, you must cook the chicken thoroughly BEFORE dehydrating to have a safe food product. Remove the skin and trim all the fat. Fat spoils quickly, and the lower the… Read more“How to Dehydrate Chicken Safely”

How-To: Dehydrating Marshmallows

Marshmallows, when dehydrated, make yummy snacking treats for both young and older kids. Use them in hot cocoa, cereals (both hot and cold), and baking too! The marshmallows, when dehydrated, will be crunchy, like the marshmallow in Lucky Charms® Cereal or the Swiss Miss® Hot Chocolate Mix Packets. Just an… Read more“How-To: Dehydrating Marshmallows”

Safely Dehydrating Ground Meats

Ground Meat Rocks or Crumbles are Easy to Make Before Beginning: Buy meat that is at least 85% lean. This gives you a good starting point, as well as an easier process to be assured you can remove as much fat as possible without compromising taste. Fat spoils quickly, and the… Read more“Safely Dehydrating Ground Meats”

Dehydrated Cranberries or Craisins®

Great Snacking with Tart or Sweet Dried Cranberries Dehydrating Cranberries is easy if you know how to craze them. Crazing (or checking) is a pre-treatment necessary because of the thick skins that make drawing out moisture difficult in the drying process. Other fruits like blueberries and grapes fall under necessary… Read more“Dehydrated Cranberries or Craisins®”

Preparing Foods for Dehydration— Pretreatments and More eBook

NEW eBook Review Plan ahead before you dehydrate. Preparation of foods is one of the most important steps in dehydrating. And once you know the key information, you will have success every time!  Most foods are sliced into thin pieces to speed the drying the drying process and to prevent… Read more“Preparing Foods for Dehydration— Pretreatments and More eBook”

All about Oxygen Absorbers & Desiccant Packs eBook

NEW eBook Review Oxygen Absorbers & Desiccant Packs, Mystery Solved! Your questions answered on a sometimes confusing subject with charts for amounts to use There is a lot of confusion about oxygen absorbers (O2 absorbers) and desiccant packs (silica gel moisture absorbers). I have updated the article written initially on… Read more“All about Oxygen Absorbers & Desiccant Packs eBook”

Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice” eBook

NEW eBook Review Make Do-It-Yourself Instant “Minute” Rice Use your dehydrator to convert your favorite cooked rice (Basmati, Jasmine, Parboiled, White, Brown, Black, Arborio, etc.) to “instant” rice. Commercial Instant rice is made by using several methods. In the most common method, the rice is blanched in hot water, steamed, and… Read more“Dehydrating Rice Safely to Make “Instant Rice” eBook”

Tomato Harvest Dehydrated Recipes & Hacks eBook

NEW eBook Review Dehydrator Recipes & Procedures for Preserving Tomatoes Too Many Tomatoes (and Ways to Put Them to Use) Starting to get overwhelmed with all the tomatoes that are coming off your vines? Tomatoes Start with How-to: Dehydrating Tomatoes. You can dry dices, slices, and small tomato halves and quarter…. Read more“Tomato Harvest Dehydrated Recipes & Hacks eBook”

How-To: Dehydrating Strawberries

Photo Credit: Janet Payne. 7 pounds of homegrown strawberries. Here in the Southern U.S. we are gearing up to receive that first taste of harvest delight, the strawberry. Nothing gives me more hope of spring to come then biting into a huge Plant City Strawberry and tasting that first burst of… Read more“How-To: Dehydrating Strawberries”