Baking with Dehydrated Foods

~Dehydrated foods make excellent ingredients for baked goods~

Your dehydrated food is always excellent for snacking, but did you know it is also wonderful used in baking and can enhance many sweet or savory bakes? 

  • Crush and sprinkle dehydrated fruit over tarts or pastries instead of sugar.
  • Use a few slices of dehydrated fruit to decorate a cake or dessert.
  • Try a little dehydrated dried fruit mixed into a crumble or pie along with fresh fruit for added intensity of flavor.
  • Add crushed, chopped, or powdered dehydrated fruit to buttercream icing or ganache for a rich, powerful taste.
  • Use fruit as filling to pastries. While they soften a little during the bake, it will not be enough to make the pastries soggy. For pastries using vegetables it is best to rehydrate first.
  • Mix dehydrated fruit or vegetables into bread or other dough for bursts of added flavor. Try dried tomatoes and garlic, lightly chopped or crushed. Incorporate at the start of making the dough or knead it in towards the end before shaping.
  • Make up meringues, adding fruit powders for color and flavor. Spoon small amounts on parchment before baking or dehydrating.
  • To get even more mileage out of your baked goods you can dehydrated them as well. See our instructions for making bread crumbs, croutons, bagel chips, and even your own biscotti here.

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