FULL List of eBook Links from 21st Century Simple Living

Add to Your Dehydrating/Preservative-Free Book Library! Each eBook Link has a Description—Simply click on eBook Title, then scroll down the linked page to read Descriptions. For those that asked for Publication Dates to sort their latest purchases, this has now been included. A NEW category of “Series Title(s)” has also been… Read more“FULL List of eBook Links from 21st Century Simple Living”

eBooks from 21st Century Simple Living—Full Directions

About Your New eBooks | Directions to Order | How Your Order is Processed | Downloading your eBook Order The much awaited line of informational eBooks from the archives of 21st Century Simple Living! For a full list, click here. A short introduction for each eBook is available on the website.  We… Read more“eBooks from 21st Century Simple Living—Full Directions”

How-To: Dehydrating Pineapple Skins & Cores

Pineapple cores and skins have huge amounts of enzymes that are beneficial to our health. I have a recipe for pineapple tea, but I like to be able to store it in powder form too. You can dehydrate the skins (and the cores) and grind into a wonderful powder! Pineapple powder… Read more“How-To: Dehydrating Pineapple Skins & Cores”

How-To: Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are usually picked and flash frozen immediately after the blanching process. The easy part of doing frozen vegetables is that they’ve already been washed, cut, and blanched for you. If you have a freezer full of blanched vegetables from your garden, this is an excellent way to clean it… Read more“How-To: Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables”

Use an Egg Slicer for Uniform Cuts

An egg slicer for preparing foods for dehydration? You bet! An egg slicer is a handy tool for the dehydrator. You may think an egg slicer can only do one thing—slice eggs. You would be wrong. An egg slicer is a magical tool that can slice many things. Those nice… Read more“Use an Egg Slicer for Uniform Cuts”

Making Ready-To-Eat (Just-Add-Water) Meals for On-The-Go

Tips, Tricks, & Hacks to Make a Quality Product Shelf Life of Pantry Packs/Travel Packets WITHOUT Meat It is hard to know exactly how long your instant meals will store because it varies depending on the ingredients and where they are stored. However, there are few few ways you can… Read more“Making Ready-To-Eat (Just-Add-Water) Meals for On-The-Go”

Dehydrating Potatoes How-To

Potatoes can be a problem to dehydrate if you are not aware that they can and do turn black if not processed properly. The key is cooking the potatoes before dehydrating. If your potatoes turn black (or other colors) after they are boiled, you may be using an aluminum or reactive… Read more“Dehydrating Potatoes How-To”

“Instant” Flavored Teas—Dry Mix

Make Your Own Flavored Instant Teas—Just Add Water This was a request of one of my group members who said she bought an instant raspberry tea mix on vacation that she just adds water to. She told me the vendor informed her it was made with flavored Jell-O gelatin. So… Read more““Instant” Flavored Teas—Dry Mix”

“Instant” Flavored Teas—Dry Mix Recipe #2 (Vegan Option)

Make Your Own Flavored Instant Teas—Just Add Water This is another request of one of my group members who wanted an instant flavored tea mix without the added gelatin from the previous recipe for Instant Flavored Tea Dry Mix. This too is a just-add-water dry mix. This is what I… Read more““Instant” Flavored Teas—Dry Mix Recipe #2 (Vegan Option)”

How Much Should You Powder?

Working with Fruit & Vegetable Powders Is Easy, but How Much Is Enough? When working with powders, you do not need an arsenal of flavors at your fingertips already ground up. As you use your powders, you will learn what you need to have on-hand all the time. My main… Read more“How Much Should You Powder?”