Optimizing Dehydrator Airflow for Faster Drying

With Options for Trays, Tools, & Tips A food dehydrator uses a heat source and airflow to reduce the water content of foods. In order to dry foods successfully, these two components must be present. Before buying your machine make sure it has both; not all dryers on the market contain a… Read more“Optimizing Dehydrator Airflow for Faster Drying”

Homemade Flavored Pasta using Vegetable Powders

Two Methods with 2 Great Recipes! My friend Judi Strauss, writer and food creator extraordinaire of the blog The Charmed Kitchen,  loves playing with her food as much as I do. She has 2 delightful recipes for homemade pasta that we have been discussing. They fit nicely into use with vegetable… Read more“Homemade Flavored Pasta using Vegetable Powders”

How Much Should You Powder?

Working with Fruit & Vegetable Powders Is Easy, but How Much Is Enough? When working with powders, you do not need an arsenal of flavors at your fingertips already ground up. As you use your powders, you will learn what you need to have on-hand all the time. My main… Read more“How Much Should You Powder?”

Subway™ Sweet Onion Sauce (Copycat)

Now Make This Famous Sauce at Home for Sandwiches, Salads, or as a Dipping Sauce It’s the sauce that makes Subway™ sandwiches stand out from one another. Don’t you agree? This sauce is the key ingredient in the Subway™ Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich, one of Subway’s biggest product rollouts…. Read more“Subway™ Sweet Onion Sauce (Copycat)”

Dehydrated Cranberries or Craisins®

Great Snacking with Tart or Sweet Dried Cranberries Dehydrating Cranberries is easy if you know how to craze them. Crazing (or checking) is a pre-treatment necessary because of the thick skins that make drawing out moisture difficult in the drying process. Other fruits like blueberries and grapes fall under necessary… Read more“Dehydrated Cranberries or Craisins®”

French Salad Dressings

4 Recipe Variations from Classic to Spicy plus an Easy Ketchup Recipe to Make Your Own Sorry folks, your version of the ketchup-based “French Dressing” is not French at all! Interestingly, French dressing is a term originally used for an oil-and-vinegar-based salad dressing. But in the United States during the 1950s,… Read more“French Salad Dressings”

Use Condiments to Make Your Meals Great!

The Queen of All Foods is Your Key to Culinary Greatness While we all may speak different languages, live different lifestyles, and have different customs, there is one thing in all the places that I have visited that brings people together—FOOD. How we eat it, what we eat, and most… Read more“Use Condiments to Make Your Meals Great!”

Mustard Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Healthy, Oil-Free, Dairy-Free Salad Dressing, Low in Sugar, and Vegan This dressing is in answer to those living with dietary lifestyle choices. One of the easiest ways to replace oils is to change it out with a mustard. Use plain mustard, not honey mustard which has excess sugar, and stick with… Read more“Mustard Vinaigrette Salad Dressing”

Herbed Creamy Mock Ranch Dressing

Tastes Just Like Ranch but It Is Oil-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan Though this dressing is a stand-in for ranch, it tastes just like the dairy-based original dressing. Creamy tahini made from sesame seeds are used, along with a touch of unsweetened, oil-free almond milk (you can also make your own), and… Read more“Herbed Creamy Mock Ranch Dressing”

Homemade Tahini (Sesame Paste)

So Easy to Make & MUCH Cheaper-Make Just What You Need WHEN You Need It Tahini is a paste, like peanut butter, made from sesame seeds, used often in Middle Eastern cuisine. AND it is so easy to make in 5-10 minutes (depending on your type of equipment), that it… Read more“Homemade Tahini (Sesame Paste)”