Cucumber Powder & Recipes

~Use Your Abundant Cucumbers for Cucumber Powder in Dips, Sauces, Soups, & Personal Care Products~ What’s a person to do when the glut of cucumbers has reached epic proportions? When you have canned all the pickles and relish you can stand? Make cucumber powder! Greek Cucumber Dip (Tzatziki) Dry Seasoning Why… Read more“Cucumber Powder & Recipes”

How-to: Dried Banana Chips

My friend, Jeannie Palmer, makes some of the most  beautiful banana chips I have ever seen. So I asked her if I could share the procedure with you and she has kindly consented to do just that. NOTE: Because of variable drying conditions, your chips may not take this length of… Read more“How-to: Dried Banana Chips”

A Taste of the Summer Sun, “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes

~Make your Own Dried Tomatoes with a Dehydrator or Oven~ These are not really sun-dried tomatoes, but tomatoes that are dried in your dehydrator or oven to emulate sun-dried tomatoes you may buy in the stores. You don’t really need the sun to dry them. Just a note here on… Read more“A Taste of the Summer Sun, “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes”

Flavored Syrups for Everything (Not Just Coffee or Cocktails)

~More than just sweeteners, infused syrups are the ultimate flavor-booster from drinks to cakes to morning coffee~ I have over a hundred recipes I have developed for flavored syrups. Why you ask? Simple syrups can be as varied and diverse as any other food stuff. By mixing in extracts, herbs, fruit—truly… Read more“Flavored Syrups for Everything (Not Just Coffee or Cocktails)”

June 2016 Articles Round-up

June has been a busy month. Gardeners gardening, folks attending the farmer’s markets in droves to get that fresh picked goodness, canners firing up their pots, and dehydrators buzzing along with the smells of all that freshness. Learn to make your own convenience food, herb-spice blends, flavored coffees, and more…. Read more“June 2016 Articles Round-up”