How-To: Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are usually picked and flash frozen immediately after the blanching process. The easy part of doing frozen vegetables is that they’ve already been washed, cut, and blanched for you. If you have a freezer full of blanched vegetables from your garden, this is an excellent way to clean it… Read more“How-To: Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables”

Dehydrator Hack: Keep Lemons from Darkening

I have had a hard time keeping my lemons a pretty yellow color when I dehydrate them. I have looked for answers and tried several things, but nothing has worked. Then my friend Jennifer Osuch from Self-Reliant School shared her article with me where she experimented with the same problem. So… Read more“Dehydrator Hack: Keep Lemons from Darkening”

Hack for Dehydrating Greens & Herbs

~ Fit more Greens on your Trays ~ Greens and leafy herbs are very easy to dehydrate. A good wash, separating out the stems from the leafy parts, and a quick chiffonade is really all that is needed to prepare them for dehydration. Blanching greens is not done for the most part… Read more“Hack for Dehydrating Greens & Herbs”

The BEST Dehydrated Caramelized Onions

~With steps to Caramelize Onions Easily in a Slow Cooker~ Caramelizing onions is a wonderful way to pull flavor out of the simplest of ingredients and they are good on pretty much everything. The only problem is that they are surprisingly tricky to make. They take time to slowly brown… Read more“The BEST Dehydrated Caramelized Onions”

Make Natural Decaffeinated “Black” Teas

~The Flavor of Black Tea without the Caffeine plus 5 Recipes for your Favorite Tea Blends~ Have you been told to cut back on caffeine? Or maybe you would just like to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea before bedtime without ending up wired for sound? Well, NOW you… Read more“Make Natural Decaffeinated “Black” Teas”

22 More Dehydrating Hacks ~ Tips & Tricks

For Getting the Most out of Your Dehydrator How about a few tips & tricks for your reading pleasure today? Check out 21st Century Simple Living’s Hacks, 22 articles to help you get the most out of your dehydrating experiences. For our step-by-step procedures to dehydrate many of the items… Read more“22 More Dehydrating Hacks ~ Tips & Tricks”

All Things Coffee ~ 8 Hacks for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers, This is for You! Do you like your COFFEE as much as we do? There are so many ways to prepare and flavor our favorite brew. Whether you like flavored beans, creamers, International Coffees, iced coffee, or even Coffee Liqueur, we have recipes for it all you can… Read more“All Things Coffee ~ 8 Hacks for Coffee Lovers”

30+ Dehydrating How-tos & Hacks

Did you know 21st Century Simple Living has over 30 “How-to” articles to date on our website covering the step-by-step procedures to dehydrate many of the items you may be wanting to store in your pantry? TIP: Keep a Dehydrating Journal so you know what you have done and can easily… Read more“30+ Dehydrating How-tos & Hacks”

8 American Herb/Spice Blend Hacks

Make Your Own!  I have had several requests, especially from my Aussie friends, for seasoning blends that are not available in other parts of the world. As well, these are American favorites that can be made in your own kitchen without stabilizers, anti-caking ingredients, “natural” flavors, or preservatives. Here are… Read more“8 American Herb/Spice Blend Hacks”

Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!

39 Soup Mix Recipes to Feed your Family Soups are one of the most popular Convenience Foods on the market. Chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, and cream of mushroom soup are among the top 10 food items sold in grocery stores each week. But they are full of sodium, preservatives,… Read more“Make-It-Yourself Soup Hacks to Replace the Store Brands!”