Bean Flour Dry Mix Recipes

~~~Including recipes for Instant Refried Beans Mix, Instant Black Bean Dip Dry Mix, Corn Bread with Pinto Bean Flour, and Black Bean Tortilla Dry Mix along with links to other recipes~~~ 2015 was “The Year of the Bean” at Casa Colleen’s. I resolved to replace many meat dishes with beans. In addition,… Read more“Bean Flour Dry Mix Recipes”

How-To: Making Bean Flours

Updated May 20, 2016 There have been a number of questions about just grinding dried beans into flour. Not only do beans actually have a better nutritional profile AFTER they are cooked, but they are also safer to eat. Making bean flour from raw beans can make you very ill because of… Read more“How-To: Making Bean Flours”

How to Make Chicken Broth Powder

One of the members of our Facebook group Dehydrating Divas & Dudes put together a procedure for making chicken broth powder to use in place of the grocery store granulated bouillon that is so full of salt, MSG, and preservatives. Many have asked for this procedure and Bec Kestrela Snyder has kindly… Read more“How to Make Chicken Broth Powder”