Pretreatment Methods for Dehydrating

~Use these pretreatment methods for your food preparation~ Acid Dips To prevent some produce from oxidizing or turning brown, you will need to dip them into a pre-treating solution before dehydrating. Pre-treatment is not necessary, but may improve color. Immediately after slicing, place produce in your pretreating solution. Make sure… Read more“Pretreatment Methods for Dehydrating”

Rehydration using a French Press

If you cook with a lot of dehydrated food, try using a French press to rehydrate dried foods. When rehydrating dehydrated foods, the general process is to add the food to a bowl, add enough hot water to cover it for about 15-30 minutes, and wait until the food plumps up…. Read more“Rehydration using a French Press”

What is Case Hardening?

Why is understanding Case Hardening important? As moisture is removed from fruits, meat, or vegetables, their cellular structure begins to collapse and the cells become smaller. The result of this is the shrinking of the product as it dries. If the heat is too high, in hopes of a faster… Read more“What is Case Hardening?”

Marinade and Seasoning Recipes for Jerky

I have been asked many times for recipes for seasoning blends and marinades to flavor dehydrated meat. There are many who have tried the commercial packages supplied with their jerky guns or bought from different sites with less than stellar results. “No flavor, very bland,” says some. Others say, “Far… Read more“Marinade and Seasoning Recipes for Jerky”

Zero Waste—Dehydrating Stale Baked Goods

 Did you know you can re-purpose those pieces of bread, bagels, rolls, muffins, cakes, etc. into delicious foods to use in cooking and snacking? At Casa Colleen we have an abundance of bread slices and ends sitting in bags piling up in the bread drawer and the freezer. Everything —… Read more“Zero Waste—Dehydrating Stale Baked Goods”

Dehydrating Meat & Poultry

Full Procedure Meat and poultry. As long as meats are low in fat content, you can dehydrate meat and poultry. Turkey, chicken and low fat-content ground meats are good choices. For jerky prepared from ground beef, use meat that is at least 93% lean. For jerky made from poultry, the poultry must… Read more“Dehydrating Meat & Poultry”

6 Hot Cocoa Recipes to “Weather” the Storms

Quick one today folks. I was asked for some of my favorite recipes for hot cocoa, so I am listing the goodies we use at Casa Colleen here for you.  There are all kinds of flavors here plus recipes for “instant” cocoa you can make yourself. Belgian Hot Chocolate (Chocolat… Read more“6 Hot Cocoa Recipes to “Weather” the Storms”

Tips for Dehydrating – January, 2016

Every day I see questions, answers, and some GREAT ideas in the groups I facilitate and belong to on Facebook. Dehydrating does not come with the safely tested recipes we are used to in canning. So I have put together a file of short tips to help our members practice… Read more“Tips for Dehydrating – January, 2016”